Friday, July 6, 2012

Behind the Reference Desk (1)

Reader Friends, you probably remember my post last week about book bloggers and librarians and the issues surrounding what seems to be a lack of understanding about the professional aspects of librarianship.  I had a wonderful response from all of you, and Jenny at Take Me Away inspired me to do a short series on librarianship and what it is that librarians actually spend all our time doing (spoiler alert: it's not hiding behind a desk reading).  Then another Jennie, my bloggy bestie from Life is Short, Read Fast, came up with a clever title and this series was born.  Thanks to both Jens for your help. 

I thought I'd start off the series by linking to some amazing blogs that concern librarianship.  This first set is made up of bloggers who write about both librarianship and book reviews - a cross-genre approach, if you will.

Super Librarian.  This is one of my favorite blogs, by someone I consider a friend.  She is a Teen Librarian at a public library and her blog combines book reviews and bookish topics with descriptions of her work as a librarian.  She has some great insights into the challenges of working in a public library as well as the duties of working with teens in a library setting - and she writes great YA reviews.  Hers is a great blog for other YA book bloggers to check out for an idea of how much work goes into programming and reference in a public library.

Stacked.  While this blog has received some criticism from book bloggers due to the controversy surrounding ALA, I think it is an excellent crossover blog that comes from a librarian/book blogger and includes issues related to both librarianship and book blogging.  The author isn't currently working as a librarian, but has an MLS and is involved in the professional community.

So Many Books.  Largely a book blog, but contains occasional posts regarding librarianship and the issues surrounding the profession.

I also want to list my favorite blogs written by librarians that deal exclusively with issues relating to the profession.  I think all of these are accessible to non-librarians and will provide insight into what librarians do as well as information regarding the issues and trends in books from a perspective that isn't usually addressed by book bloggers, who tend to focus more on the publishing/bookselling industry.

Annoyed Librarian.  Annoyed Librarian is honestly my favorite library blog.  She is not only hilarious, but she's unafraid to take on major industry institutions, including the ALA, in the name of reason.  Her articles are well-thought out, presented in an entertaining fashion, and are backed up with links and references.  If you're looking for a different take on librarianship than you'll get from most ALA blogs, check this one out.

The Handheld Librarian.  This blog tackles issues relating to technology and digitalization in librarianship from a librarian's perspective, as opposed to a bookseller or publisher's point of view. 

The Gypsy Librarian.  A blog from an academic librarian on the issues faced by librarians in academia, particularly those involved in teaching, which is common among academic librarians.

In The Library With The Lead Pipe.  This may be one of the best blogs for non-librarian book bloggers to read (as well as librarians) because it deals with the assumptions frequently made about librarians.

Lauren's Library Blog.  By the author of So You Want To Be A Librarian

There are a TON of other amazing library blogs out there.  I mean a ton.  I'll try to link to a few of them as I address in future posts exactly what it is that librarians do.  For now, this should give you a good overview of what librarians actually do.


  1. Ooh I'm excited to these posts! I'm glad I could help inspire the series. =) Thanks for the links.. I'm definitely going to check those out.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I have been neglecting my blog, but I need to get back into the habit of posting. :)