Monday, June 18, 2012

Book Review: Into The Darkest Corner

I've mentioned on here before, I'm sure, that I have a hard time finding thrillers that really creep me out without traumatizing me.  I cannot handle serial killer books or anything dealing with spirits, the occult, etc.  Those kind of thrillers are way too much for me to handle.  But other types often leave me disappointed because they just aren't scary enough.  This one totally made my week by being exactly what I love in a thriller.  It's about Cathy, who meets and falls in love with the perfect man - until he becomes increasingly controlling, erratic, and downright dangerous.  Five years later, she has escaped and Lee, the ex-boyfriend, is in prison.  Cathy has met a new man and is working on getting her severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder under control, when she receives the phone call that Lee has been released from prison.

I was super excited to see that this book was published from an manuscript created during NaNoWriMo.  I'm not a writer, but I have many friends who are and who participate in NaNoWriMo every year, so I was excited to see a success story.  Overall, I was pleased with the writing, although I felt like the ending didn't live up to the beginning in terms of characterization.  I'm very open on here about my struggles with depression and OCD, so I really identified with Cathy's character even though I haven't been through anything similar to the trauma she went through.  

However, I didn't like the resolution of the mental illness aspect of the book.  I felt like Cathy's character really lost momentum at the end and wasn't as believable as she was at the beginning, especially due to the way her mental illness was handled.  I also felt like she really acted out of character at the end of the book, as did Stuart, her love interest.  It had a great start, but the end just wrapped up too quickly and the characters seemed less than authentic during the last fifty or so pages.  The ending also had some believability issues as far as plot was concerned.

Entertainment Value
While there were certainly a few writing issues, particularly at the end of the book, I enjoyed it enough that I was willing to suspend my disbelief more than I normally would for the sake of being entertained.  I was on the edge of my seat through the whole book and found myself thinking about it all day at work.  I even made Luke bring it over to my parents' house on Saturday night so I could read after George went to bed.  It was the perfect thriller for me - no serial killers, no occult references, a situation that I could enjoy the thrill of without worrying that it would invade my dreams or make me worried about myself.  It was deliciously creepy in the way that good suspense movies are.  I highly recommend it as a beach book.  It's an easy read and compulsively thrilling.

One word of caution: this could be a book that has very serious triggers for those who have experienced sexual or physical assault.  There are some graphic descriptions of Cathy's abuse at the hands of Lee.  If you're concerned about triggers or if you're sensitive to graphic violence, particularly sexual violence, this isn't one for you to read.  Don't get me wrong, we aren't talking torture porn.  I was not offended by the content, but I think some of my readers would be and I think it's dangerous reading ground for those who are triggered by domestic abuse.

Thank you so much to TLC for sending me a copy to read and review!


  1. I can't read anything supernatural or having to do with the occult, either, so I know what you mean! You sold me on this book when you said you thought about it all day at work -- those are the kind of books I love!

    Thanks for being on the tour!

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  3. Unbelievably suspenseful! If this is a debut novel, the this author is the next Patterson...only a better writer. I will be eagerly awaiting her next book.

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