Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Losing Clementine Giveaway

In all of my Hunger Games excitement over the weekend (yes, I saw it more than once), I completely forgot that I've got a copy of this one to give away!  I received both a finished copy and an ARC of this one, so I'm determined to share the love.  It's a book that deserves to be read. 

I had originally planned to give away my finished copy and keep my ARC because I am loving and benevolent that way for my Reader Friends.  However, I decided to go ahead and read the finished copy first so my review would be of the finished version.  I always sleep with whatever book I'm reading in bed with me, because I usually fall asleep in the midst of reading.  The night I was reading this one I fell asleep and dropped the book off the bed and it landed all funny with the spine and pages bent, but I didn't know because I was sleeping and it was like that all night and (pause to gasp for breath) the book cover is all bent and ugly now.  So I'll let the winner decide if they want the pristine ARC or the bent-covered, spine-twisted finished copy.  Sorry to let you down on this one Reader Friends.  Believe me, I was appropriately horrified when I woke up and saw what had happened.

In order to win, just leave a comment with your name and either a link back to your blog, email, twitter, something so I can contact you!  Bonus entry for shameless flattery because I can always use a little pick me up.


  1. Julieeee, you are my library idol!!! ;) I would love to win!

    Ashley Muller
    ashleylane8 at gmail dot com.

  2. I just saw this site and am officially jealous of your library!

    Anna Stastny


  3. I too often fall asleep with book in hand, but usually at some point it falls to the floor, waking my husband up, and he nudges me to pick up the book :)

    I'd love to win a copy of this book!

    Stefibeth @ aol.com

  4. Love the blog as always!! :) Kelly
    Klamb123 at hotmail dot com

  5. Julie! I always enjoy your recs!

    Sarah (aka HB's Girl)
    Gomesita at gmail dot com

  6. I adore your blog and have been wanting this book!! Pick me, pick me!

    blog: honeydew1894.blogspot.com

    email: michelle (dot) gildersleeve at gmail (dot) com

  7. I'll admit this is the first I've checked out your blog (Thanks to NBC) but I'm loving it!
    I checked out the book on Goodreads and it sounds so good.

    jessicalynnq @ gmail . com

  8. Hey Julie!
    I would love to check out this book!!


  9. I <3 you and your pretty face. Pick me! :)

  10. Awesome giveaway!

    AngieEatsPeace on twitter

  11. Your bookcases are an inspiration!

    I would love this book for MY bookcase.


    sfgiantsjo at gmail

  12. 1. Review of this sounds great.
    2. You are beautiful and awesome
    3. Best bible study partner ever

    chicfitgeek @ gmail

  13. Just read your review of this - sounds amazing!

    mysecretagentloverman at gmail dot com

  14. hehehe this sounds exceptionally familiar... except... in my case i was in the bath-tub when i dozed off :( made for one very sad little book (and sad little me.)

    would love to read this! <3



  15. This is one book on my TO READ list...would love to win a copy.


  16. Love reading your blog and would love to read this book! :)

    lianne (dot) estefan (at) gmail (dot) com