Friday, January 6, 2012

New Bookcases, Or I Think I Have A Problem

For Christmas this year, Luke did really well on gift-giving.  He gave me a gorgeous charm bracelet with a book charm and a Great Dane charm, AND he gave me new bookcases.  Here's a picture of the new bookcases and a few others of our library.  I'll get to my problem in a minute:

These are the new shelves.  Actually they're the old shelves, but with an addition.  Where the blue books are, I used to only have a half set.  Luke bought the rest of the pieces to finish out that set so not that entire wall is books.

This is the picture from the doorway

And from the bookshelves looking at the couch - the piano is on the left.  Sorry it's so dim!

These are the shelves on either side of the sofa.  They are vintage printables that honestly I'd really like to replace with something more authentic-looking and old book covers that I bought at the antiquarian book fair.

One more picture of the whole thing, plus kitty.  

Ok, so you probably noticed in the pictures above that I have a lot of books.  You can even see on either side of my smaller bookcase by the fireplace that books are stacked on the floor.  But here is the problem:  those aren't all of my books.

Bookcase #1 in Luke's office

Bookcase #2 in Luke's office

My bedroom floor

My closet

And Reader Friends, this isn't all of it!  There are currently piles on my dresser, on my nightstand, and on the kitchen table.  There is also a shelf of cookbooks in the dining room.  I am out of control.  The worst thing is that I have absolutely no plans to stop.  I see people say things like "I'm not buying a single book next year, I'm going to read what I have" and it just blows my mind.  I'm going to read what I have too, but I'm also going to keep buying, especially used books.  Speaking of, I think there's a box from Barnes and Noble on it's way that I ought to be looking for...


  1. I love your room with the books! I can't wait to have a room like that in my future house!

    I'm with you on buying books. I'm definitely going to budget myself in 2012, but I'm not stopping. I stopped completely in 2009 and then in 2010 I went overboard and basically bought everything I didn't buy in 2010, making it counterproductive. lol

  2. I love it! I especially love the color-coded bookshelf. I'd love to do something like that if we had the space.

  3. There are worse problems then having lots of books!

  4. I love your library, and the books look lovely, the color scheme, the additions of other items, perfect. I love the idea of a library for myself, but I also realize we have space limitations. I've been giving away books the past year, and plan to continue. Most of the books I have now were won or are ARC's or were bought at bargain prices.
    I have a Nook's never ending!!

  5. I can't do the book-buying ban, except when I have no money to buy. And I have a hard time giving books away or even trashing the ones that are trash. So I, too, have lots of shelves, lots of piles and lots of stashes of books.If nothing else, I figure they provide good insulation.

  6. I bow to the Queen of Books! I thought I had a've got me SO beat!

  7. I have the same problem, there are mysterious piles everywhere and I too have a box coming from Barnes and Noble right now!

  8. I love it! There's no such thing as too many books :~)

  9. I told you earlier but I love it SO hard!! And I can't stop buying books either!

  10. A few things: I love your shelves. I made that "not buying books" resolution. Let's see how long it lasts. (P.S. It does NOT count if I have a gift card!) Your living room is super cute. I think I'm moving in. :)

  11. Your reading room is just gorgeous! I have a reading room too, but on a smaller scale, and it's just lovely having a space to retreat to.

    I also have your problem of too many books. But compared to some other hobbies, book acquisition is relatively cheap! :P

  12. I wish I could surround myself with books like that. I need to show this post to my husband so he can get off my back about having two bookshelves worth!