Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Review: Mental_Floss The Book

If you're familiar with Mental_Floss, then you know already how awesome it is that such a thing as Mental_Floss The Book exists.  If somehow you have missed out, it's a magazine for geeks that focuses on all kinds of trivia.  This book is made up completely of random trivia lists that have appeared in Mental_Floss.  Some examples?  This list is from the Goodreads Publisher description and should give you an idea:
Five Presidential Fashion Flubs
Seven Shameless Abuses of Diplomatic Immunity
Five Units of Measurement Weirder Than the Metric System
Four Toys That Have Gone to War for America
Seven Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever
Five Things Your Body Can Do After You Die
Four Foods People Actually Die For
Seven Things Walmart Has Banned
Ten “Q” Words That Aren’t “Q-U” Words
Four Horrifying Parasites to Keep You Awake at Night
Five Articles of Clothing That Caused Riots
Four Memorable Moments in Cross-Dressing History
Five Doomsdays We’ve Already Survived

It's hard to do my typical Writing/EntertainmentValue review on this kind of book.  If you're not interested by now then I'm afraid there's no hope.  Trust me when I say that you need to check this out.  I cannot recommend it enough to basically anyone with the ability to read.  It's a great bathroom book, a great book for when you're sick, a great book to carry around and read a little at a time in doctors' offices, etc, etc ad nauseum.  Buy this book!  I'm not even kidding.

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