Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book Review: Lit! A Christian Guide To Reading by Tony Reinke

I was thrilled to see this title by Tony Reinke, addressing a topic that I think is sorely under-addressed in Christian circles.  There are lots of Christian books available on reading the Bible - how to read it, why to read it, etc, but not many books on why it's important for Christians to be well-versed and knowledgable in secular literature.  This book addresses both the whys and hows regarding the reading of secular literature.  There are also sections on why it's important (and creative ways) for Christian parents to encourage fiction reading in their children as well as a chapter on why it's important for pastor's to model reading habits for their congregations. 

Very good non-fiction.  I was interested and compelled to continue reading and the author covered all of his topics with depth and clarity.  No complaints here.

Entertainment Value
I love that this book is addressing the reading of secular fiction in a way that I haven't seen in other books.  However, the book as a whole is really geared towards those who don't currently read much.  Reinke has wonderful ideas that are really well expressed on how to make reading a part of your daily life.  For me, however, a lot of this information doesn't apply.  Obviously reading is already a part of my daily life.  I appreciate and agree with all of Reinke's suggestions, but it wasn't new information.  If you're already a big time reader, which I would guess most of you are if you're reading this blog, this one isn't going to blow your mind with new information.  However, if you're not not a reader or if you don't find yourself making time to read the things you'd like to read or if you need a new take on why it's our responsibility as Christians to read good books, this is a great choice.

Highly recommend it to those who don't read as much as they'd like or aren't sure why reading secular fiction, especially the classics, is important.  I also would recommend it to Christian readers who want to inspire others to read.  It's inspired me to think about ways that I can work towards promoting reading within my church.

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