Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Review: Living Dead Girl

"Alice" used to have another name.  But that was before Ray took her from her family and her home and made her his daughter.  The problem is that Alice is growing up and Ray wants a little girl - so he has entrusted Alice with the job of finding his next "Alice".  This is a ripped from the headlines story of abduction and sexual abuse.  It's graphic and disturbing and paints a vivid portrait of a little girl who has been lost to the world.

Honestly the subject matter was so horrific, I didn't notice much about the writing.  It's a short book and easy to read, but I really didn't pay much attention to writing style at all.  I don't think that's what the author was going for - this is definitely plot-driven and the selling factor is the nature of the story as opposed to the writing itself.

Entertainment Value
I was "entertained" by the book in that it kept my attention and I read it quickly and couldn't put it down.  I had to know what would happen to Alice.  But I'm honestly still debating whether I think the book was just sensationalism of a horrible crime.  I felt voyeuristic while reading it.  I didn't get the same sense of importance in applying to the lives of teens from it as I do from Ellen Hopkins' books or from Speak.  Beyond tittilation, I'm not sure what the takeaway from it is, if that makes sense.  There isn't a moral or lesson the author is trying to convey and it's not an issue that I think teens are commonly dealing with (date rape, substance abuse, etc, I can see - but stranger abduction and sexual abuse for years - that's more of an SVU episode than something teens encounter in their daily lives). 

I liked the book, but I don't feel like I liked it differently than I like Law and Order or Criminal Minds.  It's a good book, but not necessarily an important book in the sense that I feel like Speak is important.  But maybe you read it and feel differently?  I've seen a lot of good reviews on Good Reads (and this isn't a bad review) - but I'd be interested to hear why you think it's important/good literature as opposed to just another Jodi Picoult-esque ripped from the headlines thriller.


  1. Sometimes plot driven books are just the ticket. This one sounds gut wrenching.

  2. I didn't know you were reading this. I read this a few days ago and felt the same way you did.