Monday, November 14, 2011

Book Review: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Samantha Kingston is not a very nice person.  She's one of the most popular people in her highschool  and she would fit in great with any group of mean girls.  After leaving a Friday night party, she is killed in a car crash - but instead of dying, she wakes up again on Friday morning.  She spends the next week reliving the last day of her life, making changes, and realizing what things and people are really important.

Fantastic.  I read this book for the first time right after it came out.  It is one of the books that got me into reading more YA.  The plot is original, the characters are believable (even if that means not always likable), and writing itself is beautiful.  In terms of writing it's one of the best YA books I've read.

Well-written and also entertaining.  It's got some of the typical aspects of YA fiction - the "issues" - like bullying, teen drinking, etc - but I felt like the focus of the book was on the development of Samantha's character and on the writing itself, which was refreshing.

I've recommended this one several times since I read it, and I'm pleased to do so again here.  It's a must read if you're a fan of the genre, and it's a good book to start with if you haven't read it before.

Thanks to Planned Television Arts for sending me a copy to review!


  1. This journey in Sam’s life, is one thing I would forever remembered, hard as I try to imagine a different ending, reality would soon seep in… I shed tears along the journey, but I cry full-hard at the end, it’s just so full of emotion, I actually put myself in Sam’s shoes. Ms. Oliver is an author to watch out for..and her future books would definitely be in my to-read list.

  2. just finished reading this book, i love your review :)