Monday, September 12, 2011

Decatur Book Festival Wrap Up: The People

I know, you'd think I would have gotten around to this before, but I had a busy week last week.  It was graduation week at my school, and since I run graduation it was a very busy week for me.  Anyway, the highlight of the trip for me was meeting people I consider some of my best friends.  I had some health issues the week before and I probably would have skipped the trip altogether if I were only taking into account the books.  But how could I NOT meet these lovely ladies? 

Jennie, Jacki, and Tameka - we've "known" each other for several years but only online - it was so great to meet them in person!

The Nesties.  Tameka, Jacki, Crystal, and Ashley on the back row and me, Jennie, and Heather on the front row.

Heather isn't in this picture - she was busy SWIPING all the copies of Lola and the Boy Next Door while we ate.  I forgive her, I really do.
Lunch at an amazing pizza place that I can't remember the name of

And of course Bestie was there, which made it even more awesome.  Honestly, Reader Friends, I'm having a hard time talking about these friends and not getting all weepy and emotional.  These girls, plus some others I've become close to who weren't able to make it (Angel...Jessica...Leah) have had a huge impact on my life since I've been married.  I credit a lot of my learning to be happy with who I am and comfortable with myself and overcoming the whole painfully shy (now I'm just painfully awkward) to them.  Being accepted and liked by such amazing people has really allowed me to believe that I have something to offer - I certainly wouldn't be blogging without them.  AND, I really think that they influenced my ability to do things like run off to Decatur for a weekend and meet a bunch of people I only know through the internet and not be paralyzed with shyness.  So, yes, tears, I love my friends and if you refer to them as internet people or tell me they aren't "real" friends, I will probably have to fight you.  And please remember, you don't want to go there - this is what happened to the last person who called them "internet friends".


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I love that last statement :-)

    *hugs* You have a TON to offer and I am so blessed to have you as one of my best friends..I'd be lost without you and all the other wonderful girls I've met.

  2. Smooches! I had an AMAZEBALLS time and seriously am considering this a yearly thing! I loved it!

  3. Julie you are seriously THE BEST!!!!! I had so much fun! I can't believe it was only two days!

  4. I’m happy you enjoyed the festival. Hope to see you and all your friends-including the ones you never met--at the 2012 event.

  5. <3 squared! (And I only forgive Luke 1) b/c he's a cutie and 2) because I've never had the pleasure of meeting him IRL)

  6. Mwhahahaha!!! *Dives into her swimming pool filled with copies of LOLA that she isn't sharing*

    You are awesome, Julie!!!! If there were anything that would make me relocate to the actual Dirty South instead of the Fake South of Florida, it would be you and my other ladies!!