Monday, August 22, 2011

Review-a-Thon Fail

I was so close to success at Jacki's Review-a-Thon, but I just didn't quite make it Reader Friends.  Saturday was the last day and I never posted my seventh review.  You're probably wondering why I didn't just post something, anything, and I will tell you because I know you are fascinated by the minutiae of my life.

My worst nightmare came true.  Ok, not my worst nightmare (the one where I'm babysitting for one of the Chipettes and she falls into a fire and it's all my fault or the one with the spider or the one with the serial killer) but something that makes me want to curl up into a little ball and cry until I have no tears left.  Our air conditioner broke (yes I know, very first world problem, but let me have my angst).

By the time we got home and realized it was broken on Friday night, it was over 85 in our upstairs and the humidity was suffocating.  Thankfully, our downstairs unit is separate from our upstairs unit so the basement was bearable.  And by bearable, I mean I have for some time now given it over to the devil  dogs and it is disgusting.  Also, because of the little devils  sweet puppies, it is stinky and set up with garage sale furniture that is quite possibly older than me.  So Friday night was lovely - we slept on the million year old fold out couch with a matress about a half inch thick and listened to the little angels snore all night.  But it was better than dying of heat stroke which is what would have happened had we slept upstairs. 

So Saturday was basically spent doing two things: laying on the fold out couch watching awful tv shows in my underwear and feeling sorry for myself and dealing with the air conditioning man.  It turns out that our 11 year old system isn't made anymore so the parts we need to repair it are also no longer made.  So this week we will be getting an brand new system that is going to cost an absolutely ungodly amount.  I could get another college degree for the amoung of money we are having to spend here. 

Obviously, with no air upstairs and the temperature of the upstairs around 90 for a large portion of the day, I did not go up to use the computer.  So no review.  Our new unit is getting installed tomorrow and they were able to put a part on that is allowing our AC to function for now, so we can actually use the bathroom and cook food and sleep in the bed again.  But this is still not cool at all.  Oh and our garbage disposal randomly stopped working too.

All of that long story to say, I don't have a post for today either.  My brain is exhausted from the pity party it has been throwing since Friday night.  The good news is that our downstairs is now spotlessly clean.  I even cleaned the baseboards.  Let me just say, if you want a nice, clean basement/media room, don't keep two dane puppies in it.  On the other hand, I feel fully prepared for the disgusting messes that will come with parenthood - I figure that our 250 lbs worth of combined dane can poop, destroy, and cause more havoc than any baby.  So there, in a nutshell, is my weekend.  I'll try to come up with something book related for tomorrow unless I have been incinerated by my home or something.


  1. I know this was a rough experience but the way you tell it in this post is cracking me up! And your worst nightmares are unique! :)

  2. That sounds miserable. I'm so glad you got everything fixed. Heat + humidity are two of my least favorite things. especially the humidity yuck.

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