Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book Review: Bossypants by Tina Fey

Ok, guys, here is a little bit of inside information on me: I do not like Saturday Night Live.  I will admit that a few sketches are funny, but I haven't seen one that really made me laugh in years.  It has devolved from actual comedy to just a bunch of crude, dumb jokes.  When the book first came out, I assumed I wouldn't read it - but it kept coming up.  People who have a similar sense of humor to mind kept recommending it.  And then I read an excerpt posted on a message board and found the book available on audio through my was fate.

Writing/Entertainment Value
I'm combining the two because in a book of humorous essays, if the writer succeeds at being funny, the book will be entertaining.  If the writer isn't funny, the book is boring, and unsuccessful for the author's purposes. 

Hilarious.  I cannot even begin to tell you guys how funny Tina Fey is.  Hearing the book (which is, by the way, narrated by Tina Fey) has made me want to watch 30 Rock, in spite of every commercial I have ever seen for it.  It ALMOST made me want to watch SNL, but I regained my senses (of humor) and realized that even Tina Fey cannot make SNL palatable.  Anyway, back to the book.  It's really aimed more towards women, but anyone and everyone will enjoy it.  This is how funny she is: I finished late at night after a particularly rough day.  I was half asleep and very emotional and also had already taken my sleeping pill.  When I realized it was over, I cried.  I told Luke that nothing in the world would ever be funny again and I meant it.  A few things have been funny since then, but not nearly AS funny.  I'm started to get kind of sad right now thinking about it...

Also, I feel like I should point out that I think Tina Fey has a really good way of equal-opportunity mocking.  She doesn't let her personal political or religious beliefs dictate who she makes fun of.  Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton receive equal treatment.  And the thing is that when a comedian or author laughs with everyone, they don't come across as laughing AT anyone.  I'm totally ok with hearing Tina Fey put Sarah Palin/Hillary Clinton as the butt of some jokes, as long as I don't feel like Tina Fey is using this to make a personal political statement ("I think you should vote Conservative/Liberal").  I also felt like her humor isn't meant to be racy or shocking.  She's not Kathy Griffin, going for shock value bysaying or doing something incredibly tacky and not all that funny to get nervous laughter.  I found her humor to be classy, not politically motivated, and smart, which is key for me.  I'm not going to laugh just because you said a naughty word or told a joke that ends with "penis".  I want something that is clever and makes a statement about reality that I can identify with - and Tina Fey completely succeeds in that respect.

Like I said above, Tina Fey does her own narration which makes the book twice as funny.  Even if you've read it, you MUST listen to it on audio - she is amazing.  If she weren't already totally successful as an actor/writer/all around celebrity, I'd totally tell her to go into audiobook narration.


  1. This book cover creeps me

  2. Lots of people have said that audio is the way to go on this one! I really need to download it soon.