Sunday, June 19, 2011

In My Mailbox (17)

Welcome to In My Mailbox, Reader Friends!  I got some great books to share this time, but I also got an amazing gift from Simply Bags, a company that specializes in personalized bags.  They sent me one in my favorite color (pink!) with my blog name embroidered on the front. 

You can see that there is PLENTY of room inside for books.  I've decided it will be this year's Decatur Book Festival bag, since it can fit so much!  Thank goodness I'll have Luke with me this year to haul it around.  Thank you a million times to Simply Bags for the beautiful bag!

Speaking of Decatur...Crystal and I headed to Decatur last weekend for a book read/signing featuring Maureen Johnson and Sarah Elynowski.  We both fell in love with Little Shop of Stories last year at DBF and were so excited to see some amazing authors there.  I picked up copies of Gimme A Call and The Last Little Blue Envelope and had them both signed!  In addition to hearing two hilarious YA authors, I got to spend the day with Crystal, which is always awesome.

And, I let myself have a little fun at B& and pick up a couple books there - they have price tags, but each book was actually half off the marked price!

The Selected Works of TS Spivet and
Juliet Naked

Dismantled and
I Know I Am But What Are You?

And Forbidden came for review this week - I'll be reviewing it later this year for the Faith and Fiction Round Table


  1. We just moved to Decatur in January and I was so excited to learn that they have a book festival! I'm looking forward to meeting some authors and stuff, but (maybe stupidly) I didn't realize it was a place you could actually acquire books? How many did you get last year/are there ARCs? Do I need a big bag a strong husband to go with me, too?

    And I'm sad I didn't realize Maureen Johnson was here :( Boo, I miss all the fun.

  2. Sandra,
    I didn't seen any ARCs floating around last year, but most of the authors do signings at some point during the weekend, so it's a great opportunity to get your books signed. I brought quite a few with me and I also bought several while I was there. I say definitely bring a big bag - husbands are optional :)

    There are some AMAZING events for book lovers in the ATL area. Check out the DBF website for a calendar ( The Little Shop of Stories also has a good listing on there site, which is linked in the post!

  3. Cute bag!

    This is Jenn over at
    For some reason, my work computer doesn't let me comment signed into some blogs.