Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Read In May - plus pictures and a video!

Lamper's Meadow **
The Internet Is A Playground **
Where She Went ***
A Game of Thrones ****
The Enough Moment ***
Great Love Poems ***
Ten Beach Road ***
A Clash of Kings ****
Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy *****
A Canticle for Leibowitz ****

Embarassingly enough, I am so far behind in my reviews, that I haven't reviewed any of the books I read this month!  I know, it's so shameful.  I'll be getting caught up soon I promise.  This brings me to 41 books so far this year and 13,856 pages.  I've spent $39.71 on the books I've read this year and saved $346.88 by reading books from the library, books I already own, and books I was given.  I've posted pictures of the fence we put up this month and here are some pictures of the other things I've been busy with in May:

I saw a blog post where Fussy Monkey Business used sheets to make this Pottery Barn Knock Off duvet cover and decided I could make one too.  First step in finally decorating our guest room has been taken!

It took hours and hours, but I finally finished the duvet cover.  As opposed to the $150 or so it costs from Pottery Barn, I made mine for $45.  Next project: pillows for the bed.

The little boys keep getting bigger and bigger.

Chief is about to start the final phases of his therapy dog training and will hopefully be doing some work with our efforts to help Ringgold Middle School and Ringgold High School back on their feet by visiting classrooms or listening to book clubs read.

And I saved the cutest for last.  Look how smart George is!  7 months old and he's already a speed reader!


  1. I am interested in this duvet idea - can you send me the post you found?


  2. Kritter - I just added the link to the main post, but I've emailed it to you as well!