Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Read In May - plus pictures and a video!

Lamper's Meadow **
The Internet Is A Playground **
Where She Went ***
A Game of Thrones ****
The Enough Moment ***
Great Love Poems ***
Ten Beach Road ***
A Clash of Kings ****
Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy *****
A Canticle for Leibowitz ****

Embarassingly enough, I am so far behind in my reviews, that I haven't reviewed any of the books I read this month!  I know, it's so shameful.  I'll be getting caught up soon I promise.  This brings me to 41 books so far this year and 13,856 pages.  I've spent $39.71 on the books I've read this year and saved $346.88 by reading books from the library, books I already own, and books I was given.  I've posted pictures of the fence we put up this month and here are some pictures of the other things I've been busy with in May:

I saw a blog post where Fussy Monkey Business used sheets to make this Pottery Barn Knock Off duvet cover and decided I could make one too.  First step in finally decorating our guest room has been taken!

It took hours and hours, but I finally finished the duvet cover.  As opposed to the $150 or so it costs from Pottery Barn, I made mine for $45.  Next project: pillows for the bed.

The little boys keep getting bigger and bigger.


  1. I am interested in this duvet idea - can you send me the post you found?


  2. Kritter - I just added the link to the main post, but I've emailed it to you as well!