Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not Book Related: The Little Boys Get A Fence

We've been saving for a while and were finally able to get a fence for the puppies put in the back yard.  We basically cut our back yard in half, so that the half by the creek is open if we want to do picnics, light up the fire pit, or build a small dock on the creek.  The top half is fenced in with gates at the back.  That way we can contain the little boys and (future) children.

They spent the first five minutes or so just blindly tearing around in sheer joy:

Then the wrestling started:

They look really vicious when they wrestle, but they're just big babies

Luke threw some balls for them

And after a whole 15 minutes of playing, they passed out in the grass.

I am so excited that the little boys still have some room to run around and work off their energy that is not inside my house!

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