Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's Discuss: Book Fears

Do any of you have major book-related fears?  Maybe it's just me, but two of my biggest fears in life are about books.  Not a fear like "oh I might get a paper cut" or "that book might make me cry" but like major, keep me up at night if I let it, honest to God fears.  Here they are:

1)  I will be in an accident or have some major health issue that somehow prevents me from reading.  Sometimes I worry I'll have a stroke and my brain will lose the ability to process reading.  I'll know that I used to be able to read and that I loved it, but I won't be able to understand what I'm reading.  OR, I'll somehow go blind.  In that case I could learn to read Braille and eventually be able to read in that way, but I'd only be able to read books that are published in Braille and it would take me forever.  Reading two or three books a week would be impossible.  OR, I'll be in a car accident or a boating accident or I'll dive into shallow water or something and my injuries will be such that I'm mentally damaged forever.  I won't be a vegetable, but I'll be mentally impaired just enough that I know how I used to be and the books I used to love, but I'm not able to love them anymore.

2)  I will contract some sort of fatal illness and will know that I only have a few months left to live.  Then I will know that I only have x amount of time left to find out the endings to all of the books that I want to read.  Since I have over 2000 on my Goodreads list, this would mean choosing the very few that I really wanted to read.  It would also mean choosing between finding out the endings of every book I want to read and spending limited time with the people I love.  Of course I would choose spending time with the people I love, but then I would KNOW that I would NEVER EVER read those books.  I'm ok with the thought of dying and not being able to read anymore.  I believe I'm going to heaven and that books will be in heaven or stories at least, which is what I love about books.  But I'm afraid of knowing I'm going to die and having to choose what I'd read in my limited time. 

You now have access to the inner workings of my brain.  And two of my major, major fears.  What about you?  Do any of you have major book related fears?  Have you ever thought about these things before or is it just me?


  1. Ha ha, I like this topic! I do actually have fears like that, so yes, I've been thinking about it, too.

    One fear is that I can't read anymore, because of bad eyes or some illness that stops me from reading, but I'm going to rely on audiobooks, I'm fine with that.

    My bigger fear is that I will end up in prison - don't ask me how, I'm very well behaved - and I won't be allowed books (at least not at first). And I've been preparing speeches in my mind on how nicotine-addicts are allowed to smoke, but me, with my book addict, am not allowed to read. And I do read every day, do check my blogs and see how important it is to me. I'll probably cause a riot! :-)

    Do you think you're reading addicted? I at least have a "habit", I have to have a book on the go and with me if I go away for some stretch of time. However, I'm happy to give up reading for a day in return for some adventurous outing.

  2. I have these exact same fears! It's actually one of the reasons I've decided to stop sleeping in my contacts...I want to preserve my eyes for as long as I can.

    As for the fatal illness...I think I'd be afraid to even start a book. What if I wasn't able to finish it? And I think I would think that about every book I picked up from the point of diagnosis.

    I'll add one fear...the possibility of an author passing away before they finish a series they're in the middle of writing! Can you imagine if JK Rowling had died before HP7 was finished? OMG!

  3. That I won't accomplish my yearly goals.

  4. I totally fear both of these things!! I thought I was a weirdo for thinking about them, but I'm glad I'm not the only one. :) And forget terminal illness, I just get sad when I think about the fact that by the time I die (whether it's tomorrow or 70 years from now), there is just no way I will ever get to read all the books that I really want to read. My husband thinks I am crazy for dwelling on this.

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  6. You're not the only one. I'm mostly blind in my left eye. (Like, if my right I goes bad, I need a dog type blind)

    I'm so afraid that something will happen to my right eye and I won't be able to read. :(

  7. You're definitely not the only one! My grandmother is almost blind now from macular degeneration, and it has been so hard to watch her struggle to keep reading with a magnifying glass. Fortunately, she now has a big projector-thing that makes the print HUGE and she can continue to read, but watching her has definitely made me think about it.

    And the "not finishing them all" thing? I know that no matter when I die, that will be the case - but it still makes me feel panicky.

  8. Interesting post!
    I recently got a concussion, and the only way to recover is to rest your brain - no exercise, tv, bright lights or reading. for about a month i couldn't read (let alone do anything else!) and spent weeks laying in the dark listening to audiobooks. And in the grand scheme of things, it didn't bother me too much, as addicted to reading as I am. What became more important to me was being able to play sports with my friends, go out with my family, and enjoy life in general...I suspect it would be the same with most book-lovers...we would miss reading if we couldn't, but we'd miss a lot of other things more!