Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm in mourning

Tomorrow is the first day of the Southern Writer's Conference here in Chattanooga.  My beloved Anne Patchett will be there...but I've decided not to go.  I planned to buy a one day pass in order to meet my literary hero, but it's come down to affording a fence for the little boys or a ticket to the conference.  And could you say no to this sweet face?

Or to this precious baby who just wants to play with some balloons?

They really need the space to run (you might can tell they're not really my little boys anymore) more than I need to meet Anne Patchett (oh that hurts to type).

But, it's not too late for those of you who live in the area and don't have two very big babies who need their yard fenced ASAP!  Go to the website, get your tickets, and enjoy every second of it for me!  Here's the website where you can see which authors will be attending, buy your tickets, and enjoy the conference for me:


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. That sweet face!

  2. Aww, hopefully you'll get to see her another time!

    What kind of dogs are yours? Great Danes?