Monday, March 28, 2011

Priorities Update

So about a month and a half ago, I wrote on here about changing my priorities and getting my life on target.  I've been working hard on getting this accomplished, and I wanted to share with you guys where I'm at since that post seemed to get quite a bit of interest.

1.  My relationship with God:  Having a quiet time every day is still really hard for me.  I'm not where I need to be in this area.  Since the last post, however, we (Luke and I) have found a church that we really like and have been regularly attending.  This is a big deal since we haven't been attending church since December.

2.  My marriage: I've been doing so well on spending more time with Luke.  We enrolled the puppies in the same behavior and have LOVED spending Tuesday nights doing training together.  We've also been eating dinner together more and I've been cooking more.  I've gone from cooking maybe once a week/once every other week to cooking two to three nights a week.

3. My "family": Like I said above, we've got both puppies in a manners class once a week and we're working with them daily on things like recall (coming immediately when we call them), holding a command (if I say sit or stay, he keeps sitting or staying until I say break, even if I move around the room), and using hand commands as well as voice commands (a palm up means sit, a finger pointing down means lay, etc).  We are also continuing with NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free) and trying to have them tethered to us whenever we're home until they learn to calm down a little.  Next quarter we'll have to split the puppies up for classes.  Chief is going to go to therapy dog classes with me and Dexter will be doing agility courses with Luke.  It has been cold and rainy lately, so no recent trips to the park.  We hope to have the back yard fenced by May.

4.  My health: I've had a terrible cold for the past three weeks.  Headaches, sore throat, coughing, congestion, all that fun stuff.  Because of this I haven't been getting up to walk in the mornings.  I've felt like I needed the rest more than the exercise.  Luke and I try to walk the puppies every night instead.  I've cut out at least 50% of the carbs I was eating and I'm eating at least 50% more protein.  I'm actually cooking meals instead of living off of lunchables and cereal.  I'm eating a lot more vegetables.  While I haven't cut out all sugar, I've cut out carby sugars, which are my big temptation.  I can't eat just one bite of cakes, brownies, cookies, etc.  I have no self control in that area.  So anything carby and sweet just doesn't come into the house.  Or if it comes in, it goes straight to the office where Luke can snack and I don't have to see it.  I keep a bag of M&Ms that I can eat a small handful of once a day for my sugar fix.  I have a sweet tooth, but I can eat a few M&Ms and then stop, as opposed to brownies or cookies.  This way I'm not feeling deprived and binging, but I'm also eating something I know I can control.

5.  My hobbies: Of course I'm having no problems with reading or book blogging.  I haven't been crafting lately or refinishing furniture because I decided to make organization a higher priority so that I am not crafting in chaos (more about this on my next priority).  I am currently working with my sister to refinish her bedroom set.  We primed her desk and dresser and picked out a pretty blue paint to use last weekend.  This weekend we'll be putting the color on!

6.  My house:  I finally had a breakthrough in this area.  Or not a breakthrough, but a sucking it up.  I just decided I was done living in chaos.  I don't typically talk about my job on here, but I will say that it is a chaotic environment, which is stressful to me.  Having a chaotic home wasn't helping the stress.  So two weeks ago, I started using my DIY blog as a cleaning blog temporarily.  I've posted before and after pictures of each room I've cleaned.  And after cleaning each room I've kept it that way.  We haven't had dirty dishes in our sink for two whole weeks!  My bedroom is clean and neat.  Saturday night we had people over and didn't have to frantically clean before they arrived.  And we aren't arguing at all over chores because we aren't letting them pile up.  "I'll do it later" has become an outlawed phrase in our home.  I'm still only about halfway through.  I need to do the guest room, Luke's office, my closet, and the puppy room (horrors abound in this one so I'm putting it off as long as possible).  But the main rooms that I use are clean and organized and it is wonderful!  Once I have the house done, I'll be able to craft in a much more organized and less stressful environment.


  1. Oh I love you DIY blog! I love the before and afters. That gives me inspiration! Congrats on your priorities. You are making good progress.

  2. I'm like that with chocolate and cookies too. I'm not sure if you like dark chocolate, but if you do, try Hershey's Dark squares. They are just enough of a treat but not terrible for you. They're dark choc which is healthier. Plus, they're individually wrapped, so you feel really bad if you have to unwrap more than one or two. :)