Monday, March 14, 2011

Currently Keeping My Attention Off of Books...

I've finished several, and actually did some serious sick-time reading, so I've got some great reviews coming up, I promise.  But for this instant, my mind is occupied with other things...mostly my nephew, who is in town for Spring Break!  Sunday we took a family trip to the park for frisbee golf, enjoying the beautiful day, and puppy walks.  Oh and baby-smothering.  More pictures to come later this week (and book reviews!)

The pups with Luke before heading to the dog park.  We haven't even made it to the car yet and Dexter's ready for a nap.  Lazy pups!


  1. He's adorable! Seeing your mom hold him is so precious :) Is it me or does he look just like Andrew? I love it Julie!