Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book Review: Blue by Lou Aronica

When I heard the premise of Blue by Lou Aronica, I was intrigued, particularly because of the focus on a make-believe world.  Blue tells the story of a girl and her father who invent an imaginary world called Tamerisk.  Years pass and the daughter is a teenager when she and her father discover that Tamerisk is a real place facing a serious threat.  Chris and Becky must work with Miea, the queen of Tamerisk to save the nation and face a devastating sickness in their own world.

Ok, so when I was little, my brother and I were besties and after reading the Narnia series we made up our own pretend worlds, Gondalen (David's) and Megaphon (mine).  And we spend hours of our childhood playing "Gondalen and Megaphon".  We had maps drawn, and creatures imagined, and we wrote stories about things that happened there, and it went on and on.  So I was really excited about this book because of the whole imaginary world thing.  Sad to say, the book didn't live up to my expectations.

I go back and forth on accepting self-published books because there is so much junk with a few treasures mixed in.  I've read some amazing indie books that have blown me away, but I get frustrated when I feel like the author hasn't even taken the time to give the book a good proofing.  This was a case where a lot of sloppy writing jumped out at me.  Use of words like "realer" completely took me out of the story.  I didn't believe the relationship between Chris and Becky - sometimes it was downright creepy. 

I hate to just pan a book completely, but the entertainment value on this one was significantly lacking as well.  The story was slow and because I didn't connect with any of the characters I didn't really care what happened.  There is little to no action, which isn't always bad, but the lack of character development made for an honestly boring read.  I was ready for it to be over.  I've read several reviews from bloggers who feel differently, so I encourage you to keep looking if it sounds like one that may interest you, but it really just did not connect on any level for me as a reader.

This book is currently available free for Nook at the Barnes and Noble website (3/21/2011).

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