Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Presidential Challenge: George Washington

Yes, Reader Friends, I finally finished it.  His Excellency and I spent much longer together than I typically spend with books (2 weeks!) but I'm so glad to have read the book.  I was a few days late finishing it (planned to finish in January) and obviously even later posting, but better late than never.  I'll be sending Jacki my link tonight, and you can click here to see the Challenge Page.

No complaints here.  It's obvious that the author did his research and his documentation is thorough.  Although I think the book is accessible to the average reader, it's still an academic work.  While I found it much more interesting (and informative) thank a textbook, it wasn't a fast, easy read for me by any means.  It took thought and analysis and I appreciated that greatly.  If you're willing to put in some effort to learn a lot of fascinating things about American history, this is a great one to try.

Obviously, we're looking at a book about the history and character of our first President, so it doesn't read like a thriller or YA novel.  I wasn't on the edge of my seat at work during the day wondering what would happen to GW next, but this was still a fascinating read.  I especially enjoyed the French and Indian War through the American Revolution, but I have to admit that it did drag for me some around the Constitutional Convention.  I started off with a little bit of a crush on GW - he was totally Jack Bauer in the French and Indian War and American Revolution.  Someone needs to be scalped?  Ok, if that's what it takes.  He even had an advisor named George Mason...coincidence?  I think not.

Once we were done with the exciting part of forming our nation, we got into the Constitutional Congress, which I have to say was a little less interesting for me.  The last half of the book was harder for me to read and dry at places, but I'm not sure that it's not just my lack of interest in politics.  However, the slow parts didn't take away from the overall experience for me.  I don't know nearly as much as I need to about American history as I should, so this project is a great opportunity to learn.  Since I plan to homeschool once we have children, it's really important that I know these things about the foundation of our country.  And for me as well, I want to be an educated part of society and this is a great way to continue my education even though I'm done with school.

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  1. I giggled a bit @ you sitting on the edge of your seat worried about GW. That would make you a complete nerd. ;)