Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Summary

The first month of the year is officially over, which means it's time for me to see how I've done so far with my goals/resolutions and to post my reading stats for the year!

Physically: I haven't lost any weight, but I've been eating healthier and making more of an effort to play with the dogs outside when the weather has allowed.

Academically: I've brought my stack of American Libraries that need to be read in to work and I'm reading them during any breaks I have.  I read at least two good articles during January - one on using therapy dogs in a library setting, which I plan to do with Chief.

Spiritually: Daily quiet time is always a struggle.  Going ok, but not great.  We visited a new church on Sunday and it was a strange experience after spending the last three years at a church where EVERYONE knows me and has known me since I was four.  Not being known is kind of nice though.

Socially: Crystal came up for my birthday party this month and next month we are planning a shower for some of the pregnant nestie besties

I read 8 books towards my goal of 100 and have reviewed all of them but two.  I've read 2401 pages and spent $0 on books I've actually read.  I've saved $92.88 by reading books I own, borrowed, or were given to me for review.


  1. wow...you must be a FAST reader .. I've only read 2 so far towards my goal of 50 =(

  2. My mom participates with her dog in a program called Sit, Stay, Read in Chicago. It's an awesome program serving school kids in the inner city. I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I know the kids read stories to the dogs and then they write stories about the dogs. It's a really neat way to integrate dogs and reading. You should check it out!

  3. My local library brings therapy dogs in for the kids. Each child gets to pick a book to keep and then they get to read with the dogs. It's a great program and the dogs were wonderful my kids loved them (And one was a great dane).