Sunday, February 13, 2011

In My Mailbox (13) + my take on all the drama

No vlog this week and here's why:

That's my elbow.  I fell at the park today and hurt my elbows and knees and after coming home and bathing the dogs, I decided I had been through enough and deserved a nap.  So now I'm bruised and sleepy and my hair is dirty and I don't want to wash it or put on clothes, so you're getting pictures instead of a video.

This week I got three books
(**note: the links will take you to Goodreads, where you can find a summary of the books as well as links to various stores for purchase.)

And now to address the dramz.  Or more accurately to not address the dramz.  I plan to say this once and then leave it because there is nothing I hate more than childish drama and it is going around in so many forms on book blogs right now.  Lots of people are writing posts defending book blogging, and this is by no means a criticism of those blogs, but.  You will not be finding a defense of book blogging on my site and here is why: I don't need to defend book blogging in general or my blog in particular. 

If an author is unhappy with ARCs and book blogs in general, he or she is free to never send me an ARC and that will neither encourage or discourage my reading of the author's work.  Authors do not owe me anything.  On the other hand, anyone who wants to send me an ARC will receive my great appreciation and an honest review of the book.  It's that simple.  Regardless of ARCs, I will continue to read and review.  I love getting them, but I buy more than enough books and I have a membership to the library, and I'd be just fine without them as well.  I will continue to blog about them and continue to A) like them or B) dislike them and say why whether or not I get free books. 

If another book blogger does not like the way I blog, the memes I participate in, or the style I use, he or she is also free to not follow or read this blog.  I love my followers and appreciate each one, but I'm not blogging for followers (as you can see from my numbers), I'm blogging for myself.  So thank you for reading and appreciating to those of you who do, and no hard feelings to those who don't. 

It seems like a lot of the drama is being stirred up by the idea that a blog or a book is the entire identity of the blog or book.  My blog is not who I am.  Reading books and loving them enough to share them with others is part of who I am, and this blog is a representation of that.  But this blog is not me.  It's a hobby.  If I couldn't blog or shut this blog down, I would still be the exact same person.  So if an author or another blogger isn't a fan of my blog, I don't take that personally.  This is not my career, this is not my life, this is a hobby and I'm thinking that applies to most bloggers.

My only suggestion to other bloggers is to write what you like and don't make the mistake of feeling like your blog is a definition of who you are.  Don't feel the need to read all the posts about how you should blog and what font you should use and whether or not you should do memes...just enjoy what you're doing.  That's my plan!  I will leave you all with happy thoughts of rainbows and unicorns from my favorite childhood artist:


  1. Unicorns and rainbows, got to love them. I have stayed away and trying to stay away from drama. I love to read and glad I found blogging, I'm trying my best to blog because I read not the other way around.

    So sorry about your fall, hope you don't feel lots of pain tomorrow.

  2. Bravo, well said.

  3. Aww I love the picture! And totally agree with you about the blogging

  4. please include lisa frank pics in every post from now on. kthanks. :)