Thursday, February 17, 2011

Content Stealing

After reading an awesome series by S. Krishna at S.Krishna's Books on copyright infringement, I decided to set up Google Alerts for my blog.  Today I got an alert, followed the link, and found a spam site that is stealing my RSS Feed.  I'm not so amazed by my own greatness that I'm worried this blog is going to somehow profit from my awesomeness, but I am kind of annoyed that they are trying to use my writing to get site hits for their spam. 

Here is where I get really annoyed.  As I'm looking at the site, I realize that I am seeing the titles of several blogs that I follow also listed.  Then I see that some of my IRL friends' blogs are also listed.  This site is stealing content from basically every blogger I know.  So I tried doing a search for some specific blogs that I know are run by people I follow or who follow me.  All on the site.  I started trying to email everyone to let them know, but the more I look, the more blogs I find.  There's no way I can email everyone.  So I wanted to post this and let you know that it's very likely, if you are a book blogger, that your RSS feeds are being stolen and used on this website. 

I had my awesome husband track down the site and get the owner's email address and the host name and email (or you could just follow the step by step directions on S. Krishna's site).  I am more than happy to provide any of you with the website (which I am not linking on here because I don't want their site getting any more traffic from me) and the email address for the owner and the site host.  Just send me an email (on the sidebar) or leave a comment with your email.  Also please feel free to pass this along - this site is stealing RSS feeds from a LOT of bloggers.


  1. Me too please. themarthacomplex at

  2. Wow that is terrible. I had that going on last fall - someone let me know that a site was pretty much talking everything I wrote. I pursued them and they finally let go of my posts.

  3. Please send me the information at bookbloggertaryn at How awful of this person to do. Boo them.

  4. Please send me the information as well zohar dot laor at gmail dot com