Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Review: The Idiot Girl And The Flaming Tantrum of Death

After finishing The Distant Hours, I was in the mood for something completely different.  I was feeling like no fiction could ever compare to the beauty of what I had just read, so I picked up another volume of humorous essays by Laurie Notaro.  Notaro is one of my favorite humor writers (comparable to Jen Lancaster if you are familiar with her writing) and this book completely lived up to my expectations.  Notaro is a writer who can take a story about ridiculous life experience that all of us go through and make them hilarious.  She defines herself as The Idiot Girl in an earlier book, and this book includes the story of The Flaming Tantrum of Death, in which she (unsuccessfully) attempts to be bad-ass while driving a Prius.  We are also treated to her experiences with laser hair removal, airplane coughers, and the Discovery Health Channel.

It's really hard to separate the writing quality from the entertainment value in humor.  If humor writing is done well, it's entertaining, which I don't think is always the case with other genres.   Anyway, my point is that this book is flat out hilarious, which makes it, in my mind, both well written and entertaining.  It's humor, so don't expect any deep, life altering revelations, but if you need a laugh this is the one to pick.  If you haven't read anything by Notaro before, I suggest you start with The Idiot Girl's Action Adventure Club or Autobiography of a Fat Bride, both of which give a better introduction to the author.  My favorite by the author has been We Thought You Would Be Prettier, which is about her experiences on a book tour, but I still think reading the other two first is the best idea.


  1. Just your review made me giggle a little.this is going on my tbr!thanks for the review

  2. I love Notaro for a good laugh! Thank you for reminding me of her!

  3. I will definitely see if the library has one of these. I find humour books hit or miss.