Sunday, February 27, 2011

AnachroCon 2011

So, Reader Friends, this weekend I did something new.  I went to my very first Con ever with Bestie and R, pictured above in their costumes.  Because I have been sewing baby blankets like a crazy person and because I am lame, I didn't have a costume.  I know, I'm a party pooper.  But going as an observer was honestly just as much fun.  I was sad to miss out on a lot of the author stuff, but I got to see some awesome demonstrations/seminars and seeing all the amazing costumes was worth the trip.  I also made some connections with people you will see in May during Zombie Awareness Month! 

Quick Highlights:
  • We met the guy who made the hydraulic arm that was featured on an episode of Castle
  • An amazing interactive session with a man who has studied Van Gogh extensively.  He plays Van Gogh during an intake session at St. Remy.  He goes through his art and answers audience questions as if he were Van Gogh.  It was beautiful!  I should have noted the man's name, but I forgot because I was so swept up in the session.
  • We almost met some amazingly talented people involved in costuming, set production, and visual arts.  I also got to attend a session led by Miss Kagashi, who writes Multiculturalism for Steampunk and hear her talk about her work in costuming.
  • I bought some beautiful skeleton keys from one of the many vendors there that I'll be using for an art project in the near future.  The very near future - as soon as I'm done with this blog post!
  • Frenzy Universe: I don't really picture myself getting majorly into Cons and costumes, but I've already got a very antique, Victorian theme going on in my library, and I'd love to add some steampunk DIY.  This is a GREAT place to get DIY ideas and supplies.  I also really like their blog and the 365 art project they're doing.
  • Steampunk Sisters: They have an etsy shop that is awesome and they some beautiful and unique jewelry.  I love their rings.
  • Penny Dreadful Productions: I bought my skeleton keys from them and will be interviewing one of the owners for Zombie Awareness Month. 

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