Friday, January 7, 2011

How To Be A Good Wife

Isn't this just the cutest little book ever?  It's published by Bodleian and is taken from a 1936 publication on being a "good wife".  Unfortunately I have to tell you that I seem to have failed my husband in many ways. 

"Don't ever allow yourself to become angry at the same time as your husband.  That will always results in matters becoming more serious."

"Don't forget that it is every married woman's duty to come down in the morning with a smile...Don't let breakfast become a scrap or hurried meal.  See that everyone allows at least half an hour for it.  Do not forget that among the things most dangerous to love are untidy hair, faded negligee, curlers and bedroom slippers at the breakfast table."

So I'm guessing this means that waking up and saying "turn OFF the alarm clock NOW" while laying in bed wearing one of luke's old t-shirts is NOT what I ought to be doing in the mornings.

"Do a certain amount of dressing for the evening meal and make your menfolk do the same."

We both usually wear pants on the rare occasion that we eat dinner at the same time - does that count?

"A refreshing feature of the present time [regarding conversation] is that even the once popular subject of servants and their misdoings is now rapidly losing ground."

Well now I'm going to have nothing to discuss at dinner parties - I always rely on describing the misdoings of my servants.

"Don't go to the door to let any one lady out while there are remaining guests.  Ring for the maid to do it."

What if your maid is lazy and doesn't come when you ring?  I know I can't discuss it with my lady friends at our next bridge party, but can I at least walk my guests to the door?

"Above all, don't ask them [guests] to carry back a book they have lent you.  Borrowed books should always be taken back personally or sent by post."

This one is my favorite.  I'm not really sure what it has to do with being a good wife, but poor Luke is stuck with a wife who frequently returns books to friends while they are visiting.  I even expect them to carry those books to the car themselves.  Shameful!


  1. I want to buy this!! I searched Amazon and found two others I thought would be humourous.
    Don'ts for Wives
    Don'ts for Husbands
    I'd love to buy the hubby one and give it to my future hubs the night before the wedding.

  2. love love love it! Seriously, that would be a great read. I am afraid I have failed my husband. After 7 years of marriage and two kids, he often comes home and I am still in my pjs. A quick kiss to him and I am back to business. I do make sure his dinner is warm though. :o)

  3. I think this book would HILARIOUS to give at a bridal shower. :)

  4. I think Evan would be thrilled to see me in a negligee, faded or not, breakfast table or not.

  5. haha. looks like I'm a pretty bad wife, too!

  6. I would love to read this book!

  7. Well I'll be.

    I fail miserably as a wife. *turns in apron and pearls*

    BTW, I'm about to start reading your book, so I'll give it to you to take home with you next time I see you. I MAY carry it to your car, no promises though :-)