Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CSN Preview

My favorite online furniture company, CSN, has offered me another opportunity to review a product for them!  My day is officially made.  Definitely the kind of news that perks me up on a dreary afternoon.  So the question now is...what do I want?

They've got some pretty awesome modern bar stools, but I'm all bar-stooled out at the moment after my recent bar stool refinish.  I'm still always a fan of new bookends, and I looooove the kitsch of the plastic soldier candle holder.  Any other suggestions?


  1. The candle holder looks fun. :)

    I love CSN! I'm reviewing another product soon too. I'm seriously considering these bookends:

    I've been browsing the decorative vases too - they have some really nice ones for low prices.

  2. I wish they'd let me review some stuff *pouts*

    The bookends look cool