Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Review: Perishable by Dirk Jamison

Perishable is a memoir written by a man who grew up in unusual family circumstances - his mother was a devout Mormon and his father developed his own religious beliefs based around not doing anything.  Part of these beliefs included only getting food out of dumpsters, which eliminated the need for those pesky time wasters we refer to as "employment".  My school has an online library, and I usually have a book going on there that I can read a page or two of when things are slow.  Thank goodness this was not for review, because I would feel even more terrible about posting what I'm about to say.

The writing was terrible.  Abysmal.  Worse than awful.  I've read a lot of blog posts where people say they don't like negative reviews and that bloggers should try to find something positive to say about any book and what if the author reads it.  And I truly hope Mr. Jamison doesn't read this and get his feelings hurt, but I have nothing positive to say.  Honestly, this should have been a "did not finish".  I'm not really sure why I kept going after the first few chapters other than sheer boredom and the assumption that it could not continue to be as awful as it was.  And I'm not referring to the content, although you can see my opinion of that below.  The writing was bad.  Period.

Hrm.  If awkward, make-you-squirm-but-not-in-a-good-way descriptions of children eating garbage and abusing animals appeals to you, maybe you will be entertained.  I was horrified.  There are extended descriptions (which I had to skip) of animal abuse.  Which I think were supposed to be funny.  Kittens are killed, puppies are tortured, it's truly disturbing.  There's also a very detailed description by the son of the mother's genitals, which kind of weirded me out (see my post on incest fiction, except this is not fiction).  Once again, I have no explanation for why I didn't just stop reading, especially when I saw that the animal abuse was going to be a recurring "joke". 

My advice: save yourself and don't bother picking this one up.


  1. Sickening. Not for me. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Oh my that doesn't sound good at all. The premise sounds kind of interesting but then based on what the content is actually like uggg.