Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book Review: My Fair Lazy

My Fair Lazy chronicles Jen Lancaster's attempts to move away from her obsession with reality TV and become more culturally educated.  If you haven't read her books before, you ought to know that she is hilarious.  I suppose you could consider her books to be made up of essays, but were originally inspired by blog posts.  She writes about her every day life and the things that happen to her - which are always so funny.  She tells it like it is and it's usually the things I've been thinking but don't have the guts to actually say.  Irreverent, sometimes crude, but always hilarious.  It's hard for me to judge humor on the quality of writing because it's either funny or it's not.  My Fair Lazy fits into the funny category. 

My one complaint is that the footnotes are really hard to read on an e-reader.  They are listed as hyperlinks within the text, so you have to click on each one and wait to get to the page with the footnotes and then click back to the page you were reading.  Not a big deal, but it got annoying when there were 3-4 footnotes on each page of the book.  It was too much clicking back and forth, so I gave up on the footnotes about 100 pages in. 

Definitely recommend this one and all of the author's other books as well.

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  1. SO true about the e-reader issue. I just finished this a week or so ago on my iPod touch, which I use as an e-reader. It was AWFUL to keep clicking back & forth -- and especially awful when I accidently clicked on the wrong number & was returned to a page I wasn't on... I love Lancaster, and usually think her footnotes are what make her books especially enjoyable. So, note to self: no more Lancaster in e-book form.