Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Reivew: The Raising by Laura Kasischke

This one isn't due to be published until March, but I wanted to write the review while it was somewhat fresh in my mind.  This is the first book of the year that I absolutely could not put down.  I was lucky enough to receive an ARC for review from NetGalley and it was a great book to start the year with.  A college girl is killed in a tragic car accident and her boyfriend is blamed.  The first person on the scene of the accident claims to have seen the girl alive and unharmed, but the official reports are that the girl was so disfigured by the car accident she could only be identified by her jewelry.  As the new school year starts, people begin reporting that they have seen the dead girl on campus.  A popular professor who teaches a class called Death, Dying, and The Undead begins to work with the boyfriend, his roommate, and the first woman on the scene of the accident to determine how the dead girl has reappeared.

Perfectly fine.  Nothing leaping out at me as extraordinarily positive or negative - although I will say that one reason I didn't notice much of the writing was that I was so wrapped up in the story, which, for me, is an indication that the author did her job.

Perfect!  I was completely immersed in the lives of these college students and professors and could not wait to find out what was happening.  The author had me in suspense for the entire book - one moment I'd think something supernatural/paranormal was going on, the next I'd be convinced that there was a logical explanation.  I won't reveal anything, but for me there was nothing obvious in the plot.  It's a great read for a rainy winter afternoon and I think anyone who enjoys a suspenseful/psychological/paranormal book will be thrilled with it.


  1. This sounds really good. I'm adding it to my list.

  2. This one sounds great! On the list for March!

  3. Sounds really interesting! As a side note, do you schedule posts? I live via scheduled posts! I write the review up now, but have it scheduled on or near release day.

  4. Jennie,
    I don't typically schedule posts unless I'm participating in a tour or have been asked to review at a specific time because I don't like to plan out what I read. I do usually try to post near the release date, but occasionally I post early. I know it's frustrating to those who read though, so I'll try to go back and post another review/link to this review closer to the review date!