Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Book Craft

I'm neck deep in a fabulous book that I can't wait to review, but while I'm waiting, I thought I'd share a little book craft I whipped up tonight on my new sewing machine.  I have the Lyra clip on light cover for my nook, which is awesome for reading in bed, but not so awesome for protecting my nook while it bangs around in my purse.  I saw another blogger make something similar to this as a cover and I had some time tonight, so I pulled out some fabric remnants and felt pieces and made this cover  - if you are the blogger, I can't remember where I found you, but I'd love to credit you, so let me know!

Let's start with an honest look at how my house typically is.  I always clean up to take pictures for my DIY blog, but this is the real deal.  As you can see, I went shopping over the weekend and didn't put things away.  I know you should have a clean workspace, blah, blah, blah, but I like to just jump in and do whatever when inspiration strikes.  I am a free spirit with no time for cleaning.

So I pretty much just shoved some bags on the floor and jumped right in to the sewing.

I started by sewing two cheap 29 cent felt pieces from Joann into a bag.  That will give cushioning for my nook as it gets hauled around everywhere I go.

Then I used a damask remnant from my upholstery project to make another bag that was just a bit bigger than the felt bag. 

Ta-da!  I didn't sew the two bags together because I want to be able to change the fabric patter without changing the felt lining.  Luke was worried that I'd pull the bags apart every time I took the nook out but I've had no problems keeping the bags together.  All three pieces come apart easily enough and I'm in love!  And not nearly as broke as I would have been if I got the $100 Kate Spade cover I was looking at!


  1. I love it! If I get a nook (*crosses fingers*), I'll definitely be stealing this idea. Here's a thought: What about adding a piece of velcro to the inside of the bag and the outside of the felt? That way, you won't be likely to pull them apart, but they are still easily interchangeable? Just a thought...
    Oh, and I love the damask. It makes me want to go sew. I'm far too busy for that, though. I would love to see a step by step the next time you reupholster a chair. I've wanted to do one, but I haven't yet.

  2. Cute! I love when I am crafty and make stuff.