Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Challenges

I am absolutely terrible at keeping up with challenges, but you may be interested to note that there are two now listed in my sidebar.  The first is my personal challenge, which I had originally said would be to read more than I read last year.  I've ammended that because I realized that it ended up making me pressure myself to read shorter books or easier books and now that I'm done with grad school I want to let myself read some chunkers and some harder titles.  So, my goal is officially 100 books and I'll bump it up should I reach it early.  My amazing friend Jacki, from Lovely Little Shelf gets credit for creating an awesome button for our online book club which I'm using on my sidebar.

Speaking of Jacki and being awesome, she is also running the only challenge I'm really participating in this year, which is the Presidential Challenge.  Another friend of ours, Jessica, started this last year and Jacki and I decided to jump in this year.  I'll be reading one presidential biography each month, starting with George Washington and continuing chronologically.  You can read all about the challenge and join in on Jacki's blog!  And if you aren't following her already, you really need to be.  Lovely Little Shelf is one of my all time favorite book blogs.

One more challenge that I'm not "officially" participating in because I don't think I can read enough, but that I think is awesome and highly recommend looking into is the Morbid Romantica Challenge at Steampunkery and Book Reviews.  Mad Scientist is also a personal favorite of mine and her challenge is so much fun - I'll be participating in this one as much as I'm able.


  1. I'm planning on participating! I also think it's funny you called Jacki's blog "Lovely little nest" instead of shelf. A little slip because of the NBC perhaps haha.

  2. If she's pimping out my blog this much, she can call it whatever she wants ;)

  3. I didn't even realize I'd done it - but I updated now. I think it's because I have a painting that says Lovely Little Nest and I keep meaning to send a picture to Jacki to see if she wants me to do one for her.

  4. haha I do things like that all the time.

  5. I wanna see!

    I remember you asking me about this a while ago, but I thought that life had gotten in the way and you hadn't made it yet. Let's see! :)