Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top Issues in Books and Publishing 2010

I run The Book Bio, which is a website for my online book club to keep track of our book club reads, recommended books, etc.  Each year we do a poll about the top books and issues of the year and as I was writing the list and finding the links today I decided my blog readers may be interested as well.  I've also included a link to the page, which includes links to news stories and blog posts on each topic.
1.  E-Readers - both popularity and comparison of main features
2.  YA: Quality and quantity as well as popularity among adults
3.  Censorship: Ellen Hopkins, SpeakLoudly campaign, Amazon's various fiascos
4.  Opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
5.  Weiner and Picoult vs. Franzen
6.  Closing of indie bookstores
7.  "Death" of picture books

What do you think?  Did I leave anything major out?  And how do you feel about the issues faced in book-related events and publishing this year?  Did you blog about any of these issues - I'd love to list links to people's blogs on these topics on here and on the Book Bio!


  1. Whoa... I was unaware pictures books were "dying"...
    It's a terrifying thought that parents think they aren't an important part of childhood development.
    Honestly, I learned about poetry from picture books, which are much better suited to introducing children to something like that... and I just can't imagine my life without Stephen Kellogg in it!

    I, for one, will keep buying them!!

  2. I buy my neices all sorts of books for every occasion. I can't imagine them growing up without books. Picture books are so important!

    Thanks for the top 10!

  3. Closing indie-stores? I hadn't read that before.
    Thanks for the links. I'm working on a post for the Top 10 trends in publishing this year, and I'll be keeping a few of these in mind too.

    -Dee from e-Volving Books

  4. Hi Julie, I referenced a couple of your links in my post on Top 8 publishing trends at my blog:

    I hope that is okay, please let me know if you object.