Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Small Hissy Fit - not related to books

My regularly scheduled post has been interuppted to bring you this hissy fit meltdown

I picked my sick puppy up from the vet today.  He was so stressed over boarding while we were in Lubbock that he is having terrible diarrhea.  Since it's just stress, the only cure is time and love and reassurances that he isn't going to be abandoned (we rescued him from an abandonment type situation).  Between the door, picking up his medicine, and checking out, he had two really big accidents. 

I know this is gross.  But we are at a vet office/pet store and I assume people can figure out that my poor sick puppy cannot help this.  I also cleaned it all up just like any other responsible pet owner would do, regardless of the fact that it was so sick I wanted to puke.  As I'm checking out, we hit accident #2 and the check out person offers to hold the leash while I go get more cleaning supplies.  Chiefey was stressed when I walked away and whined and pulled but I came right back and he was fine. 

Once the floor was clean and I had Chief's leash back, he was done knowing the check out boy.  He didn't want to play and he cowered and whined when the guy tryed to get him to play.  He barked once, but was not acting in any way aggressive - tail between the legs, trying to hide behind me, whimpering.  I was just trying to get him home.  And the guy follows me outside to tell me my dog isn't well behaved and needs training.  So I once again, very nicely explained that my dogs are both in training, but that Chief is very sick (if he can't start keeping water down he'll have to be ived) and he is very stressed, and that he is only a puppy.  Apparently that's some kind of code for "judge me more" because he saw I have a pinch collar in my purse and suddenly I'm a big bad puppy abuser.  We discussed the decision to use a pinch collar with our trainer and our vet, who both recommend it on a dog his size.  I wasn't aware that we needed to ask the cash register boy at the pet store as well.  Basically I went the polite route and said "Thanks, but we trust our trainer and our vet". And walked away.

Moment of honesty: I feel like going back to that store and screaming my head off at this judgy little checker who thinks he knows so much about dogs.  I am a good puppy mommy!  So between the half hour spent cleaning poop off the floor at the pet store and the judgment from the completely unqualified checker on my puppy parenting, I'm in a foul mood.  No books tonight.


  1. What a NASTY boy!! I don't blame you for being upset, I would be too! We have a pinch collar for my dog (she's a chocolate lab). Our vet and trainer told us to get it for her because the dog we had before her pulled so much that my dad's shoulder got all messed up. Pinch collars are the way to go for big doggies, and my dog doesn't mind it at all!

    I hope you pup starts to feel better soon! My dog love the kennel when we go away, but last summer she had to go twice, and the second time she got so scared and was shaking the whole weekend, and she got overheated and they almost had to call the vet. It's sad when our beloved pets get that scared and sick :( Lots of love from you should help your little guy feel better <3

  2. I would have been mad too. I use a pinch collar to train my German Shepherd. With dogs that size you almost have to!

    I hope he feels better. You are definitely not a bad puppy mommy!

  3. What a little jerk that store boy is! UGH!

    Hope the baby dog feels better soon!

  4. Julie, that's terrible! I don't think I could have walked away without giving that boy - and his manager - a piece of my mind. He is entitled to his own opinion, but when your job is customer service you can't always voice it. Is he a trainer? A vet? Some sort of animal professional? Probably not, and so he needs to keep his mouth shut. You are a much better woman then me!

    Anyway, I hope Chiefey feels better soon. I work for a vet, and we've had a lot of similar cases come in this week. Holidays can be stressful for our babies!

  5. I was beyond sad to read this post - as a fellow puppy mom, I would have been absolutely offended when some clerk tells me how I should take care of or train my pup. I understand now more then ever how each pup may be take training better or need special attention at times.

    Grab some tea or hot chocolate and curl up with the pup with a good book, always the best way to end a rough day.

  6. Sad. All puppies usually have issues because they are puppies! They aren't going to be super well-behaved all the time. I actually just read a blog article on Dogster or somewhere (I can't find it) about how we want our dogs to act "normal". Well a lot of the desirable behaviors people want in a well-behaved dog are actually not normal for dogs so we ask them to do what is abnormal. I wouldn't pay attention to what people say at the pet store. Everyone's an expert, but really, they aren't. LOL!

    Hopefully your trainer will help you with the anxiety issues. We have similar problems with one of our dogs (he can't be crated--it ended in a terrible, bloody mess). We are trying daycare with them and they are really starting to like it so hopefully we can continue it! I know your pain though. That anxiety can be so hard! I hope things work out well for your baby and he starts feeling better. That diarrhea is so difficult too (one of mine has issues with that too). I'm sure some rest and relaxation with mom and dad will have him better in no time. :)

  7. When you have kids, people will do the same ... I just say things like, "Well, unless your own kids are model citizens, you really aren't qualified to give advice" ('cause I'm mean like that) :)

    Hope the pup is better!