Monday, December 6, 2010

Book Review/Giveaway: Archvillain by Barry Lyga (signed!)

First of all, I want to thank you guys for sticking with me the past few weeks and probably for the rest of this week.  Blogging is slow right now because I'm desperately trying to finish grad school.  I graduate on the 18th and my last projects are due this week and next week.  It's not that I haven't been reading (I don't know how people get to sleep at night without a book!) but I haven't had the time to write reviews the way I want to, so I've haven't written as many.  As soon as I can get these projects finished up, I'll be jumping back in to catch up on all the books I've read recently.

My review for today, Archvillain by Barry Lyga, is one that I read over Thanksgiving while we were in Lubbock.  It's my first Middle Grade read, and one that I sincerely enjoyed.  It tells the story of a middle schooler named Kyle who witnesses a plasma shower in a field while preparing to pull a prank on the football team.  The next day he realizes that the plasma shower not only gave him super intelligence, but also the ability to fly and a supernatural strength.  His only problem is that another boy appeared after the shower - a boy who is assumed by the town to be a super hero.  Only Kyle knows the truth - and he is prepared to do anything he can to stop Mighty Max, even if it means becoming an archvillain.

The story is cute and fun - I can really see middle school students getting a kick out of it.  And I love reading from Kyle's point of view.  It's a great example of an unreliable narrator AND characters who aren't all good or all bad.  The story is original and I especially enjoyed seeing Kyle change (and not necessarily for the better) as the story played out. 

To say thanks for being such great readers, I'm giving away a signed copy of Archvillain!  Barry Lyga, the author, graciously sent the book out to bloggers at the beginning of the summer with the stipulation that we pass it along to someone else.  All you need to do to win is be a follower of the blog and leave a comment!


  1. Sweetness. I have never heard of this one but I love me a good superhero villain action. (Recently swapped some audiobooks for some Superman comic action!!!)

    Any news on the Zombie month??

    Please do stop by and check out my new accomplice. I think we can keep him in check *grin*

    Mad Scientist

  2. Hi Julie, Haven't seen you much on NBC lately. I'm putting my name in because this sounds like something my daughter would love to read. But even if I don't win I'll still put it on hold at the library.

    Good luck with school.