Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Book Review: Solid by Shelley Workinger

Solid, the first in a trilogy by Shelley Workinger, introduces us to our narrator, Clio and the friends she makes at a special school for teenagers who have supernatural abilities.  These abilities were created as the result of a un-official government experiment conducted on pregnant women 18 years ago.  The secret project has just been discovered and the government need to evaluate the teens to try to determine what happened and how the teens have been affected by the chromosome deformity caused by the experiment.

It could use some refining, but I received an ARC, so many of these details may have been worked out in the final copy.  My main issue was that instead of sounding like a teenager, Clio sounded like an adult trying to sound like a teenager.  Other than those two issues, I had no problems with the writing.  It was on par with the majority of my recent YA reads.

Very much enjoyed the story.  This first book is a lot of exposition - It could have used more action, but I'm expecting to see that in the next book (which I certainly hope Ms. Workinger will send me a copy of!).  Much of this story was an introduction to the characters, setting, and background.  I particularly enjoyed reading the story of the secret experiment performed by a rogue military doctor.  It gave the book a uniqueness that isn't always seen in the YA paranormal genre.  I liked hearing that there was a scientific reason for the characters' abilities, not just that they were born with some super special something.  Be prepared to suspend some disbelief, but it's a great short read.  It kept me entertained on my flight from Dallas to Atlanta, even with a screaming child sitting directly behind me!

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