Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Book Hooked Christmas List

I realise that I'm way behind on writing reviews and posts due to the end of grad school and spending time with my family and friends for the holiday.  So obviously the thing to do is post a book buying guide rather than reviews or updates!  Also, I am willing to do your Christmas shopping for you!  So if you have a hard to buy for friend or relative who isn't represented in my guide, tell me a little bit about them and I'll recommend a list of books in my next post (with a link to your blog of course)  And now, the official 2010 Book Hooked Blog Buying Guide:

For the man in your life who "doesn't read":
The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (beginning with Storm Front)

For the sports-minded:

For The Outdoorsman:

Into The Wild and Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

For the Princess:

For the Feminist:

For the lover of literature:

Ok so there is my start on the gift guide.  Now you tell me who you are having a hard time buying for and I'll come up with some more suggestions!


  1. Into the wild is a great book and so is Friday Night Lights. Great Picks.

    Thanks for joing the new challenge. It should be interesting. I'm hoping to do small features through out the year for this challenge. I plan on working Zombie month in there too :)

    Mad Scientist

  2. I might sneak in one or two of these for myself. Is that allowed?

  3. This is a great public service for those last minute shoppers and readers alike :)

    Into Thin Air is one of my favorite reads in the "I was surprised how much I like thie book" category.

    Enjoy your holidays!