Monday, November 22, 2010

Latest pictures of the little boys

I want to post an IMM before I leave for Lubbock (where I will be continuing to blog, don't you worry!), but I'm too tired to vlog tonight, so instead I'll post some pictures we took at the dog park today.  Bestie and Bestie's Husband went with us to take our Christmas picture and we got a few good shots, which was amazing since we were requiring two very excited puppies to cooperate.  Then we headed over to a meetup with some people from our Dane group.  I also spent a huge portion of this weekend making another book wreath and some book page Christmas trees.  I can't lie - they're pretty awesome.  Pictures of those tomorrow maybe!
I know!  Aren't they huge!  And yes, I'm really that pale in real life.  Try not to look directly at my skin.


  1. I love these pics! The last one is my favorite. :-)

  2. I think there's a family member missing...

  3. These pictures are seriously beautiful. And I'm with Jessica, that last one is totally amazing. Frame it!

  4. Lovely pictures!
    Enjoy your holiday :)

  5. You look great Julie!!!
    The pups are getting so big. Great looking dogs.
    Great looking family

  6. They are soooo cute!! Thanks for sharing the photos :)