Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book Review: These Things Hidden

I wasn't familiar with the author, but the subject of this one really interested me.  It tells the story of a young woman who has recently been released for prison.  At eighteen she was convicted of the murder of her infant child.  Now that she has been released, she is attempting to reconnect with her family, particularly her sister, who has her own secrets about the night the baby was born.  While there is some element of mystery to the book, it's mainly focused on the relationships between the women and the way the main character copes with her guilt and shame over her child's murder.

As I started it, I saw it was a Mira book (an imprint of Harlequin) and I was a little bit concerned because of my bad experience with Saving Max (you can read my review here).  I was worried that this would be another one with a completely irrelevant/unnecessary romantic/sexual relationship.  But Mira completely proved me wrong!  I'll definitely continue to read the imprint - and I would love to read more from this author. 

A few passages jumped out at me as really good, the rest were just average.  The story was more entertaining than it was particularly beautiful writing.

Perfect!  Such an engrossing read - I liked the characters and their development; I liked the story and how it played out; I liked the emotion that it brought out in me.  It's one I definitely recommend.  BUT, I also have to say that it is a hard read emotionally.  It does deal with the murder of an infant, and it does replay that scene more than once.  It's a huge focus of the book, so if you aren't sure how you will feel about a book centered around the death of a newborn, you may not want to read this one.  It's not graphic or bloody, but it's certainly emotional. 


  1. Wow, I need to read this! Sounds amazing!

  2. Great review, I liked this one but I LOVED the authors first book Weight of Silence, I highly recommend it.

  3. Added it to my wish list/read list. :)