Monday, October 4, 2010

A Yummy Dinner of Crow, Please!

You're probably confused by this picture, right?  You're probably thinking, "But Jules, that looks like an e-reader and in this post right here you wrote all about how you don't want an e-reader."

Yes, readers, I did.  I admit it, I am a big fat hypocritical e-reader owner.  When I wrote that post I forgot to mention that at one point I also claimed that mp3 players and DVD players would never replace CDs or VHS.  My skills as an oracle are somewhat less than perfect, I suppose.

But before you start to think that I'm fully on the e-reader wagon, let me explain.  I've been dying to use NetGalley  Seriously, forever kids.  But I could only read on my computer screen and my eyes get tired and holding a laptop isn't comfy and all those other reasons.  So I started to think about getting a used e-reader off of e-bay or Craigslist just for NetGalley.  I figured I could wait and find one for under $50 and it would be perfect.  I even mentioned it to Luke who has heard my rantings and ravings about e-readers and of course he laughed at me.

But then.  I was given a very nice gift card to Barnes and Noble as a thank you gift.  In fact, the amount on the gift card was the perfect amount for buying a Nook.  It didn't even occur to me until Luke brought it up on the way home from church - so let's all blame him for this.  He really wanted a new toy to play with.  And being the awesome wife that I am, I took a nap and let him go to Barnes and Noble to buy me a Nook.  How sweet am I?

This doesn't mean that I'm a complete convert though, ok?  I'm serious.  Please do not ever sell your reference books, first editions, etc and replace them with an e-reader for all of the reasons I listed in my previous post.  I will never, ever in a million years stop buying books and treasuring my print collection.  But now I can use NetGalley AND not have to carry a 20 lb bag of books through the airport when I go to Lubbock for Thanksgiving! 

Enjoy a few more pictures of my night:

We love us some e-books.  And snuggles in the bed.  Doesn't Sly look like he's loving it?
Have I ever mentioned on here that my husband is awesome?  I've been having a lot of pain lately, enough today that I stayed home in bed (which is why I look so awesome in these pictures).  Being the sweetie that he is, Lucas stopped by my favorite ice cream store and brought me home a cup of Half Baked. 

Books, ice cream, a kitty, and open windows.  Seriously, what more could I ask for?


  1. What a cute kitty. I love half-baked ice cream. Feel better!

  2. I've got a Kindle, myself...I was very skeptical about eReaders until I got mine as I gift. Now I'm hooked! I agree, nothing will ever replace print books...but there's something about the whole 'instant download gratification' that makes eReaders hard to resist. Plus the space/weight thing does make traveling with it a breeze :)

  3. Thats funny! I got one a few weeks ago and I just wrote a post comparing the pros and cons of it. I have a few books on the kindle and it works well but it won't replace print books.

  4. My mom has a Nook, and I thought it was pretty cool when I tested it out. Personally, I have a Kindle, and while I was all about it at first, I rarely use it anymore. It's nice to have an e-reader though.

  5. Glad you came over to the dark side my dear! :)

  6. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for following :)
    I really liked your site, and I follow you too!

    Congrats on having the Nook ! This is just great, and do check out my post on a free software that you maximise your e-reader :)

    Have fun! thanks for posting the pics, your cat is super cute..

  7. I'm a secret owner of the futuristic Nook but hey, I admit. It is great feeling to save a few trees. In the past, present, or future!

    Mad Scientist