Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Update

I promised puppy pictures, so this entire post is going to be basically nothing but.  We went to a cookout today at Crystal's, where I got to see Heather and Leah and Natalie, which was awesome, as always- but I forgot my camera, so no pictures from that.  I also did some yard work and finished painting the quatrefoil design on my cabinet doors.  Hopefully they will go up this week and I'll post those pictures next weekend. I was too busy to get my IMM post again, but maybe next weekend?

For tonight, enjoy some puppy pictures (no costumes though, these are just the regular dog park - I waited too late and couldn't find a jersey, so we gave up on that whole thing).

Look at that sweet face.  Could you say no to him?  I can't either.

Typical Dexter picture - lips flapping in the wind as we drive to the dog park.

Typical Chief picture - just wants to snuggle

The big boys with a min pin and (miniature?) boxer they made friends with at the dog park.  The min pin scared my boys to death.  They are such big babies!

A poodle/australian shepher mix that I fell in love with while we were there.  Such a sweet dog - and so cute!
Just not quite as cute as the two I got to take home.


  1. awwww...I miss having a dog.

  2. OMG how cute are they?????!! Love the photos :) You have such adorable doggies!

  3. They are SO adorable. I want one but I have TWO of my own monsters at home. LOL!

  4. By the time those boys are full grown, you'll be able to ride them to the dog park. But they're so cute!

  5. The dog park near us is very small and pretty messy. our dog didn't seem too thrilled with it. She likes meeting dogs along her walks in the neighborhood and at the metro park better.

  6. Just adorable!
    Our little guy has been in and out of the animal hospital recently with a bulging disk in his neck; he's now home, and we're trying to do the cage rest thing, which he is cooperating with, although as he gets better, its getting harder!

  7. Thanks you guys! We are head over heels for both of them.

    Bookgirl - I'm so sorry about your dog! I hope he gets better soon!

    Karen - we are incredibly lucky to have an amazing dog park about half an hour from our house. It's not very convenient, but it's huge and clean and the other people who go there are all great owners. I don't know what we'd do without it!

    Carin - I don't think I've ever asked what kind of dogs you have?

  8. What a sweet face!!!I love going to the dog park with my brother's two dog babies. I also fell in love with a dog during our many trips to the dog park this summer.

  9. Love the dog parks!
    Frenchie and I used to go when we were first looking for a dog to see what kind we wanted.
    Now we go every weekend with our puppy.