Friday, October 15, 2010

Survey Results!

Thank you so much to everyone who answered the questions in the survey I posted earlier this week!  It has helped me refocus on the blog is in several ways.  I'm going to post today about each result (some of them provide good information for all bloggers) and how it will affect my blogging.  Feel free to keep adding to the survey - I'm not going to take it down and will continue to check for any more answers in the coming days.

  • Everyone seems to enjoy my book-related crafts - those will be sticking around.  I've got some coming up that I think are going to be fun book-lover Christmas decorations!

  • It was pretty evenly split on my other crafts.  A little under half said I should keep the blog book-related only, which I think is probably best.  I still haven't decided if I want to keep Golden Girl Does It Herself and just try to do a better job of updating it or if I'll put another page on Book Hooked for all my crafts, but I won't be posting them on the main page.

  • Almost everyone said they liked to read personal posts, so I'm going to try to have those once a week.  I don't want the blog to become all about me and my life, but maybe on Saturdays I'll do a life-related post with pictures of the puppies and my handsome hubbers and whatever we've been up to lately.

  • One thing that really surprised me was how many people said my reviews are their favorite part of the blog.  I was thrilled because that's my whole purpose for the blog, but I've always felt like people didn't really like them all that much.  I was judging based on comments, which I usually get more of when I discuss a book-related current issue.  I don't blog for comments, let me make that clear.  If you want to lurk on my blog forever and never leave a comment, you are more than welcome to do so.  I am thrilled that anyone in the world thinks what I have to say is interesting enough for a few minutes of their time.  But I assumed that people commented more on posts they liked and less on posts they didn't like.  I'm starting to think that this may not be true.  The results from that one really encouraged me on my book reviews, so expect to see more of those.

  • The least favorite part of my blog was, not surprisingly, memes.  I don't participate in many memes (usually just the Blog Hop and In My Mailbox) but I'm going to cut back on those as well.  I'll keep doing the Hop and IMM occasionally, but not every week.  I don't plan on participating in any other memes.  The only other comments were that some readers have different taste in books.  It's to be expected and there's not much to do about it.  Obviously they still like me enough to visit occasionally, and I'm going to try to keep expanding my reading horizons.  Coming up: cookbooks!  steampunk! 

  • I loved one reader's suggestion that I add the puppies to my family section.  Luke and I are planning a trip to the dog park again on Saturday and he has promised to do a puppy photo shoot with me and the pups before we leave!  Look for pictures this weekend!

  • Everyone seemed to like my format, which I can't take any credit for - that's all my husband and his amazing web developer skills.  And yes, he does freelance as a matter of fact...just in case you were wondering

  • Finally, I had a comment regarding original posts such as the ones I did leading up to the Hunger Games.  I enjoyed that so much and I think everyone else did too (or at least one responder did).  I've got some more features coming up that I think are pretty creative. 
My next big featurestarts this weekend.  I'll be cooking a meal (panic!), serving it to a panel of friends, taking their reviews, and interviewing the author of the cookbook each week for the next few months.  I'm kind of freaking out over my first meal, tomorrow night, of rosemary mashed potatoes and beef steak tips.  I'm going to have to use a knife.  To CHOP THINGS.  Knives are like coffee - for old people!  I'm not old enough to chop things!!  That's what adults do!! (yes, I am aware that being 26 and married and a homeowner might make me an adult, but you're only as old as you feel right?  I feel too young to chop things)  Just last night I tried to use a knife to open a plastic bag and cut my finger.  I should probably look into getting some chain mail gloves or something.

Thank you again for participating in my poll and if you still want to, feel free to scroll down and add your answers!


  1. I like some memes. However, I see too many bloggers going way overboard with them. I've stopped following several blogs because of it.

    And, how often they come (or not!) I love comments so much. It's nice to get feedback.

  2. If I enjoy a post I always comment Julie. I like memes when the blogger also has reviews because I think bloggers are the best recommenders.

    Continue to enjoy.