Thursday, September 23, 2010

Updated Review: Friend in the Storm

So a few weeks ago I made a mistake.  I thought I was reviewing a book for Zondervan, which is the publisher, but I was actually reviewing for them via LitFuse.  I published the review as soon as I got it and read it because it was such a beautiful book, but just realized my mistake today (which I have marked on my calendar as the day to post my review).  My apologies to LitFuse and to my readers for the mistake.  I've decided to repost my original review today since I want to keep the tour running smoothly.  I'm also adding in some information about entering to win a FREE Kindle at the bottom, so look for that!

A Friend In The Storm, by Cheryl Ricker, is such a great gift book. I normally really don't like gift books, with all the saccharine sweetness and lovey dovey quotes about friends or teddy bears or whatever. Ok, fine, you caught me, I love quotes about friends and teddy bears. Just not in gift book form.

But this one is actually different. If you are like me, then you are a librarian/un-trained therapist who hears about various student issues ranging from the bizarre (I had a psychic vision of my dog dying) to the very very sad (homelessness, domestic violence, etc). If you are like me you are also the most awkward person ever and have no clue what to say to people you barely know who have just told you something shocking/horrifying/heartbreaking.

So I'm planning on picking up a few copies of this just to have on hand to give to students who are truly suffering. First of all, the book itself is just beautiful. The cover is so sweet and simple, it's printed on high quality paper and bound nicely, and even has one of those ribbon bookmarks. In college, I put together my own little journal of quotes and Bible verses that I still read through when I'm down - and this reminds me of that, but prettier and published.

My one issue - the poetry contained is very Hallmark-y. Which is great if you're a fan of that kind of thing, but unfortunately I'm not. It's pretty much exclusively iambic tetrameter, which can really really start to grate on me after a while. To be perfectly honest, I skipped a lot of the poetry. For those who aren't huge fans of poetry, or who enjoy a more simple style, I don't think this would be a big deal.

One last recommendation: Don't put this book on the edge of your full bathtub while your huge orange cat tries to walk around the edges and catch bubbles. You will wind up with a very wet book and cat.

Thank you Zondervan for the beautiful book! Sorry I let the kitty knock it in the bathtub - search and rescue was successful and the book only suffered minimal water damage.

On October 4th, the author will be hosting a Facebook party and will be giving away a Kindle as well as signed copies of the book.  You can find all the information here.

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