Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Room by Emma Donaghue (Yes, again)

I know this is the third time I've posted about this book, but I'm not playing around about how amazing it was.  It's still my favorite read of the year (even after Mockingjay's release!).  Today is the release date, so I just want to remind everyone that now is the time to go buy yourself a copy!  This is one that you'll want to own.  Or at least put it on hold at your library.  I can't recommend it enough.  If you're still not convinced (does that sound like Reading Rainbow or what?) take a look at these links:

This is an interactive 3-D view of Room.  You can click on different items in Room to find information about the author, an exerpt from the book, book trailers, and inspiration for the book.  My favorite section is the library that the author has created for Jack and Ma.  It includes everything from Robert Browning's "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" to Everything is Illuminated.

This is the author's webpage where you can see more of her other writings (she's also the author of Slammerkin) and find videos of her reading from Room

And you can also re-read my original review here.  I can't get over how amazing the book was and how gracious the author has been.  Did I mention that she emailed me?  Yes, I received an email from an actual Booker Prize shortlist author.  It made my life. 

Look for my BBAW interview with Hist Fic Chick later today!


  1. Oh gosh-another book I'm dying to read is out today?! I have a feeling I'll be emptying my bank account at the book store later ;)

    Room looks really awesome-I read about it for the first time on this blog and now everyone is raving about it!

  2. Weirdly enough, I can't find this book in my library system or the neighboring library system...not even on order...that's pretty much all of eastern NY state from Poughkeepsie to Canada! Is this not a real well known book? I'm thinking about suggesting it to my library for an order request.

  3. Placed it on hold at the library today - It's on order and I'm number 18 in line. Hopefully they are getting more than one copy! If not it's going to be a LONG wait! I may have to just bite the bullet and buy it if the wait is to excruciating!


  4. This one has been high up on my to-read list!

  5. clamb - I would definitely suggest you ask your library to order it. It's a Booker Prize shortlist for this year, so I would assume that most libraries would be picking it up pretty quickly.