Wednesday, September 1, 2010

RIP V Challenge

So I pretty much never really participate in book challenges, because I always sign up and then forget about them until it's too late.  Or they take place over a weekend and I'm always busy doing things on the weekends.  BUT, I love the idea of reading scary books through September and October, and this challenge only requires four. 

It's a great chance to get away from my light summer reads and transition into some darker stuff for the fall.  I'd like to try to make at least two of them classics.  If you want to sign up, check it out here.


  1. Thanks for joining in, I hope you find some great reads for your challenge choices. Now if the weather would just start to get cooler...

  2. I hope you enjoy your books! It is a fun challenge!

  3. Like you, I tend to join book challenges and then don't have the time to complete them, but as you said, this one only requires four books and spooky and dark sounds good right now!

    Have fun with the challenge! I look forward to learning more about your choices. :)