Friday, September 24, 2010

National Book Festival and Blog Hop

Hey kids!  My big post for today is about National Book Festival which is happening TOMORROW!  Bestie and I are sneaking out of work at 3 today, driving all evening, and making it just in time to see Suzanne Collins in the morning.  I haven't planned out the rest of my day really, other than going to dinner with a group of book bloggers.  Is anyone else going?  If you'll be there, are you interested at all in meeting up?  I'd love to hang out with/meet as many other bloggers as I can!  You can send me an email (see link on sidebar) OR leave a comment with a way for me to contact you OR send me a tweet (also on sidebar).  Hope to see you there!

And now for the hop!  Welcome to my blog, feel free to take a look around, all of that!  Today's question is:

  When you write reviews, do you write them as you are reading or wait until you have read the entire book?

When I review, I wait until I've finished the book to start writing.  There are times when a sentence or paragraph or theme will jump out at me and I'll write it down or mark it in the book to use in my review, but I tend to wait until I've finished to get started writing.  I want to have the whole book behind me so I can see how everything fits together before I start to really evaluate how I felt about not just the story, but also about the writing and quality of the book.  You may have noticed that I really enjoy some books that may not be of the most literary quality and that there are some books that I don't personally enjoy, but that are beautifully written. If I wait till I've finished, I can usually judge those kinds of things more objectively.


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  2. Hopping on by today. With respect to used book store shopping, you're/we're supporting the folks who make books available to people who may not have seen them when they were first published. Great books deserve to be shared, over and over again.

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  5. Have fun tomorrow! I'm jelous I wish I was going :)

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  6. I'm hopping through today - have a wonderful time at the book festival this weekend. Sounds like a wonderful time.

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  10. Same for me :) Things that stand out I write down as I'm reading, but the review comes after the book is finished. Have fun this weekend!

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