Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Decatur Book Festival Post #2

When I posted last night, I forgot to mention our first stop of the day, which was to hear Ellen Bryant Voigt talk about syntax.  I'm not much of a poet, but I do read some poetry, and my older brother had highly recommended hearing her.  She was close friends with George Garrett before his death, and David (older brother) was Mr. Garrett's personal assistant while he was in graduate school, so he had met her a few times before.  When I introduced myself to her afterward and had her sign my copy of Messenger, she knew exactly who David was and told me how nice and attractive he is.  Awww. 

The talk was good, but we were late and honestly I can't even pretend that I understood half of it.  But I loved what she had to say about the brain and she brought up some things I remember from taking neuroscience in college about how the brain processes music and sytax in similar areas.  One day I might be brave enough to try the book she's just written on the subject.

Before I went to the Festival I had a long email conversation with David, who knows much more about these things than I do, and he was iffy on getting books personalized.  He recommends asking the author to sign and date, rather than personalize.  So of course, I made sure to get every single book personalized.  I wouldn't be a good little sister otherwise, right?  Also, I have to say that as exciting as it is to find out that I own books that are worth something (FIRST AMERICAN EDITION BELL JAR????), I don't typically collect based on value.  If you do, you should email David and ask him about it because, like I said, he is much much more experienced and knowledgable than I am, being a famous poet and a doctoral student and a literary professor and all that.  And he loves it when I give random strangers his email address.

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  1. Does he say not to get them personalized because of the value thing?

    I'm just vain. I like my name on stuff.