Monday, September 6, 2010

Decatur Book Festival Post #1

Hey internet peeps!  Miss me this weekend?  Not sure if I mentioned it (more than a bazillion times) or not, but I spent my weekend in Decatur, GA at the Decatur Book Festival.  This was my first year to go and it was amazing.  Seriously.  I left my camera at home and didn't get any great pictures, but now that I'm back I've been able to take picturs of all of my newly signed books.  I think I'll do an extended in my mailbox, so I can talk about each author and his or her presentation.  I'll post one or two each day until I run out.  I'll also be linking to the author's pages and the books' pages on goodreads.  From the goodreads pages you can find links to purchase from a variety of stores if you're looking to buy.

Also, I went with some other bloggers, all of whom I consider very close friends and brilliant writers/readers/bloggers.  Check them out:

Natalie (my newest friend and anniversary buddy)

Heather, Anna, Natalie, and Crystal are all writers, so if you're looking to get some of the writing advice that was given at panels, check out their blogs.  I am (obvs) not a writer, so I was really there to just hear about the books, see the books, be around the books, etc.  Oh and several of them are doing signed book giveaways, so follow them!

So Friday night Leah spent the night with me here in Ringgold and managed to make it through the night without freezing to death.  Saturday morning we got up way too early and drove to Decatur to make it to Barbara Hambry's talk on syntax, which was brilliant and will be featured tomorrow.

After that we headed to Emily Giffin's talk.

She was so down to earth and gave lots of good background information on writing and how she got started.  She also convinced me that I wanted to read her books, which had honestly put me off a little bit before.  I got my copies of Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Love The One You're With signed and I can't wait to jump in with Something Borrowed.

My sweet friends got my Emily Giffin books signed for me so I could run off with Leah to meet Heather for David Levithan and Terra Elan McVoy.

I brought David Levithan's Love Is The Higher Law and Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List with me to be signed.  After hearing Terra Elan McVoy speak/read I knew I definitely needed a copy of After the Kiss, which i was able to pick up from The Little Shop of Stories.  This panel/discussion was the highlight of my day on Saturday.  Both authors read from their books and interviewed each other about YA romance.  Even though YA romance may not be my most favorite genre, the authors were hilarious.  Seriously we were rolling on the floor.  And did I mention that Leah asked brilliant and insightful questions?  And that we were on the front row?  Awesome.


  1. Leah's blog is :-)

    After reading this I wish I would've got a book by Terra Elan McVoy. Sad day.

  2. Crystal, that's what you get for choosing DG over DL/TEM when it is clear which one is far superior!

    Oh man, I am so, so jealous. I have met David Levithan twice now, but I seriously love him so much. Did you know he is the editor for the Hunger Games series? And the Shiver series? And he organizes so many events for YA writers in NYC? He has his hands in every aspect of YA, and, IMO, he makes it what it is. I can't say enough wonderful things about him. I'm glad you got Love Is The Higher Law, it's one of my favorites of his.

    And I really enjoyed After The Kiss. It was very different from a lot of other books I have read, so of course I love it.

    I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on Something Borrowed, as the whole plot pretty much revolves around cheating on your partner. I'll be checking your blog for your review. ;-)

    I can't wait for the rest of your recaps! And I really wish I could have been there with you guys!

  3. Jessica - I made sure I wore my Mockingjay necklace and was going to tell him thank you for editing such a fantastic series. Alas, I missed my chance but I was SHAKING when I met Diana. She was so sweet and excited about the Outlander Musical and she gave and signed a promotional copy of Outlander to Natalie. I freaking LOVE her! (and she tweeted back to me!! That's going to be my John Mayer tweet)

  4. Crystal, thanks for posting my link!

    DL is BY FAR my favorite! I totally fangirled! :D

  5. Jessica - the plot line of Something Borrowed is what originally put me off. I really really hate books that justify or romanticize cheating. BUT, Emily Giffin's description made it sound more like a relationship book than a cheating book if that makes sense. We will see if I can get past the cheating part.

  6. Oh wow... look at all the author's you got to meet and get books signed by. I am so jealous.

    Lovely blog BTW... foudn via Blog Hop