Thursday, September 2, 2010

August Review

Good news: August wasn't my worst reading month
Bad news: August wasn't my best reading month

Good news: DBF is this weekend!  I absolutely can't wait to meet up with Crystal, Heather, Leah, and Anna.  Nestie besties + signed books + awesome author panels?  Best weekend ever.
Bad news: I'm possibly going to have withdrawals from our Sunday night play date with Bestie and her hubs.  I'm also wicked jealous that she's going to the Harry Potter theme park.  But I get to go to DBF!  But she gets to see Hogwarts.  But I get to see the Nesties!  But she gets to drink butterbeer and buy all kinds of HP merch.  But I get to get my books signed!  I could do this all day.

Good news: my stupid bathroom cabinets are almost done
Bad news: my stupid bathroom cabinets aren't quite done.  I'm so sick of these cabinets people.  I thought I was finished last night.  Then I remembered I still have to spray paint the hinges and screws and reattach them.  And get new knobs and drawer pulls and reattach those.  And then I decided that even more beautiful than having the interior of the cabinets white would be painting the interior of the cabinets the same awesome blue/gray color that's on my bathroom walls, so when you open up the white cabinets, there's color inside.  This means repainting the interior of all cabinet doors and the interior of the cabinets.

Ok here are the boring stats for the month:

I read:
The Hunger Games (highly recommend)
Catching Fire (highly recommend)
Mockingjay (highly recommend but have a prozac handy)
Stash (recommend)
Pieces (do not recommend to anyone for any reason)
Miss Hildreth Wore Brown (recommend to those already familiar with Southern humor and looking for short, light anecdotes)

Total for 2010: 93 books
Total pages for 2010: 27,570
Money saved by reading books I own or borrowed from the library in 2010: $960.80


  1. Look, lady, if you come to Orlando any time in the next year (or, really, ever...who cares about the annual pass expiration?) I can come with you to the HP park. OK, I'm not bestie, but I'm awesome too.

    See you SATURDAY!!!!