Monday, August 16, 2010

Our very own death match

Over the weekend, Bestie and I planned and executed our very own Hunger Games style death match in the back yard.  We got our husbands and another friend and Honey Bear involved, made some t-shirts and a bunch of fake blood, and had a blast. 

A quick word on my nerd-dom before I post the awesome pictures.  I am aware of the fact that I am a nerd.  It's ok if you want to tell me again, but my complete and total lack of cool is something that I accepted a very long time ago.  We had the most fun ever doing this, which is really all I was concerned about.

From the left, we have Bestie's hubs with a spear, Mags with the sais, Bestie (playing Peeta) with the big sword, me (playing Gale) with the bow and arrow), Luke (Cato) with the soon to be muttation (Clove), and a pre-muttation Clove played by Honey Bear. Ready?  1,2,3...Kill!

Honey Bear vs. District Two
The battle is fierce, but Honey Bear doesn't make it

Unfortunately for Bestie's hubs, Mags takes this opportunity to kill him.  Dead.

Too bad she drew the attention of Cato, who leaps out of the bushes (look how athletic my hubbins is)

Mags is no match for Cato (I know, different books, get over it)

Peeta lurks in the bushes

And a very prissy Gale prepares for the hunt.  Who will win?  And Cato is still out there - as well as the muttation!  Stay tuned kids, I'm posting the rest at lunch.


  1. If I was going to poke fun at your errors in consistency, it would be the fact that Gale was never in the games. But I wouldn't do that, because you are too adorable for words. <3

  2. Oh that was too funny! Thanks for the great Monday Morning Laugh!

  3. Has everyone read this series? That would be so fun! I want to pretend to kill my friends HG-style!

    And, I linked this in my Mockingjay Madness post. Here's the link:

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